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Antique English Chest – William and Mary

Item: Antique William and Mary Oak and Poplar Chest of Drawers.

Age & Condition: Circa 1710. Some Splitting, missing beaded trim and patina.

Size: 36″ wide x 20.5″ deep x 41.5″ tall.

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Antique English Chest

Very early, antique English chest in the William and Mary Style. Nearly three hundred years ago (circa 1710), English woodworkers crafted this antique chest of drawers. The beautiful patina and signs of age make this English chest a true relic of the past.

Antique English Chest : William and Mary Chest

This chest is solid oak and crafted with a very simple design. It has two smaller drawers over three longer drawers. The case shows early joinery at its finest: Mortise and Tenon technique. As can be seen, the case is cleverly constructed with fitted oak boards. Thus, few nails were used.

This very early English chest shows its age, especially in the finish. The grain has some bite and texture. The weathered finish speaks to the age of the chest. Also, the plank boards of the piece have split and warped. Thus, the separation shows on the sides of the chest and top.

Around the top of the chest is a pretty beaded wood trim decoration. Certainly, this bit of decoration testifies to the artistry on this very simple chest. In addition, blacksmiths of this colonial period hand forged very unusual star backed hardware. The little tear drop handles glisten in the light and add a touch of whimsy to the piece.

Finally, small amounts of primitive inlay surrounds the keyholes. Small diamond shapes border each key hole.

Antique William and Mary Chest

We were very excited to obtain this piece for our collection! Very rarely do we see a William and Mary piece of this age. While primitive in its design, this antique English chest is very attractive and beautiful. The stories that it could tell, surely, could fill a book. An English chest of this period has seen many wars, World leaders and even changing countries. While it lacks perfect condition, it makes up for it in charm and warm patina.