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Vintage Dining Table, Statton Furniture Company

Item: Vintage Cherry Dining Table with Two Leaves by Statton Furniture.

Age & Condition: Circa 1975. Refinished. A small height difference between the table top and table leaves.

Dimensions: 45″ wide x 67″ long x 29″ tall. Leaves are 12″ and bring the length to 91″ total.


Vintage Dining Table

Beautiful vintage dining table in solid cherry wood by the Statton Furniture Company. This table has a twist on a traditional design and has a nice warm cherry color!

Of course, the dining table features two pedestal bases. Additionally, the tripod pedestals have Queen Anne type feet. However, the bases also have a more contemporary design, with raised bands running around them.

Also, the table features a thick one inch cherry top in an oval shape. It includes two 12 inch leaves.

Statton Furniture Company

This nice table by Statton has the “Oxford” finish mark and is dated to the 1970s. However, we refinished the entire table in order to bring the finish back to par. It has a nice medium brown finish.

That said, the table does show a minor flaw when the leaves are inserted: there is a tiny height differential between the table top and table leaves. Most likely, this was a flaw that occurred while in production. It does not appear that this flaw happened over time or that there is any warping to the table or leaves.

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to correct this issue. Fortunately, it is not terribly noticeable.