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Vintage Dining Table, Kittinger Furniture, Kittinger Williamsburg

Item: Vintage Kittinger Williamsburg Table (three section pedestal table).

Age & Condition: Circa 1980. Refinished and restored. Good condition.

Dimensions: Rectangle section: 48″ wide x 32″ long. Total Table when assembled: 48″ wide x 99″ long x 28.5″ tall.


Vintage Dining Table

Beautiful vintage dining table in solid mahogany wood. This beautiful Kittinger Furniture dining table has a very unique design and lovely look.

Of course, the dining table has a three section designs. In fact, all three sections can be moved around and broken apart, much like early Colonial tables. So, if you wish to have a single small table, you can simply use the center section, and move the two half circles to the wall.

Each section of the table features a three legged Queen Anne pedestal. Also, the table edge is quite flat, allowing the beauty of the mahogany to shine through.

In order to fit the table together, you must use the brass table “forks” that keep it from spreading apart.

Kittinger Furniture

We refinished this Kittinger Furniture Mahogany table in order to bring it back to life.