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Vintage Writing Desk – Queen Anne Desk

Item: Solid Mahogany Bench Made Desk.

Age & Condition: Circa 1930. Good Condition, refinished and restored.

Size: 44.5″ wide x 21.5″ deep x 30″ tall.

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Vintage Writing Desk

Vintage Writing desk in solid mahogany. Made in approximately 1920-1930, this vintage desk has a simple design that will certainly live on. Indeed, the vintage writing desk mimics Colonial style, which never seems to age.

Queen Anne Desk

This beautiful Queen Anne desk has three drawers and lovely Queen Anne style legs. Queen Anne furniture has lasted because it is comfortable and tasteful. Tall, curved legs look beautiful from all angles. Indeed, they give a piece of furniture a subtle feminine edge. Queen Anne style also has great importance to American history, as it coincides with prosperity in the colonies. Indeed, while the straight and masculine style of William and Mary made a brief appearance in Early America, Queen Anne style was a huge hit with the colonists.

Furthermore, this Queen Anne desk has a bit of scalloped detail running along the edge of the desk. This light, stylistic choice again conforms to typical Queen Anne taste. The decoration is subtle, rather than grandiose. Thus, simplicity rules in Queen Anne style furniture. It can blend in almost any home.

Chippendale Butterfly style brass hardware shines on the three drawers of this high quality desk. This style of hardware is quite appropriate for a Queen Anne reproduction. Each drawer within the vintage writing desk is dovetailed. This highlights the craftsmanship of such a fine mahogany desk.

The vintage writing desk unfortunately required a bit of a restoration when we first acquired it. It had years of use and some smudges and blemishes to the finish. However, because of the fine quality and overall look, we knew this desk could be beautiful. Our team stripped and sanded away any imperfections from ink or water that had damaged the surface. Then, they chose a light cherry stain that enhanced this reproduction desk. Finally, we applied a lacquer finish which is easy to care for and maintain. The desk maintains a soft warm patina and beautiful color. It is ready for another 80 or so years of love!