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Limoges Rose Soup Bowls – Set of 14!

Item: Antique Limoges Soup Bowls ($22 each or $308 for the set of 14)

Age & Condition: Circa 1900-1920. Very good antique condition with only minor signs of use. A bit of roughness on the underside of one bowl (please see photos.)

Dimensions: 10″ diameter by 1.75″ tall.


Limoges Rose Soup Bowls

Limoges Rose Soup Bowls dated to somewhere between 1900 and 1920. These beautiful antique porcelain bowls were made and painted in France and shipped to the United States (attested by the “Coronet” mark.)

The shallow bowls are very finely decorated with two different shades of pink roses. Green foliage decorates the bowls as well. The outer edge of the bowls are scalloped and painted in a beautiful gold paint.

The Limoges soup bowls are in very good condition considering their age. There is a bit of roughness on the underside of one bowl (pictured), and there are a few signs of wear here and there to some of the paintings. Overall, this set still retains the charm and beauty of porcelain made in Limoges, France.

The bowls are priced at $22 each. The price for the set is $308.


These antique soup bowls may be picked up in our warehouse in Waynesboro PA. However, we do offer packing and shipping services of our smaller items as well.

A set this size will likely cost between $60 and $150 to ship, depending on where you live. Please feel free to contact us regarding shipping.