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Jefferson Table, Henkel Harris Furniture, Octagon Shape

Item: Vintage Jefferson Table by Henkel Harris Furniture.

Age & Condition: Circa 1990. Refinished accent table.

Dimensions: 28″ wide x 28″ deep x 27.5″ tall.


Jefferson Table

Beautiful Jefferson Table featuring the classic Octagon shape. This reproduction table by high end company Henkel Harris Furniture features solid cherry wood. What was it worth? The Henkel Harris table sold during February of 2022 at Bohemians Store for about $750.

Of course, the Jefferson Table features solid brass hardware on either end. Also, two panels on the top lift upwards to reveal a compartment on either side.

Finally, the vintage Henkel Harris table features a tripod base.

Bohemians refinished this accent table in order to restore the sheen and finish. Certainly, it can be a lovely focal point in a sitting room or beside a wing chair.

What is a vintage Henkel Harris furniture Jefferson table worth?

The Henkel Harris table shown sold at Bohemians in February of 2022 for about $675.