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Ethan Allen Mirror – Chippendale Mirror

Item: Solid Cherry Chippendale Mirror with Beveled Glass by Ethan Allen.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980. Excellent Condition.

Size: 20.5″ wide x 38.5″ tall.

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Ethan Allen Mirror

Ethan Allen Mirror in solid cherry. This beautiful vintage mirror trades on antique design of a period Chippendale mirror. It has the quality and beauty of reputable Ethan Allen.

Chippendale Mirror

Chippendale mirror such as this pieces speaks of tradition and elegance. Of course, Thomas Chippendale is considered by many to be one of the father’s of American and British design. His designs for furniture, upholstery and interiors greatly influenced centuries of design. Perhaps best well known for categorizing different styles, he wrote, “The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director.”

This Chippendale mirror has a lovely scroll shaped frame. We believe the wood to be cherry, but it has a very deep mahogany finish. The scroll design adds quite a bit of charm to this mirror. The wood curls and dances around this frame in very imaginative shapes. Indeed, it has quite a bit of detail!

Additionally, the mirror has a beautiful inner frame of gilded wood. Certainly, this lightens up the dark wood frame.

Lastly, the mirror has beveled glass. The beveled glass reflective surface helps this Ethan Allen Mirror really stand out from its competitors. While lots of reproduction companies sold similar looking mirrors, few have beveled mirror. This extra feature helps to bounce light around in a room, and give more visual interest to the piece.

This mirror is stamped “Ethan Allen” on the reverse. The Chippendale mirror has a great size and can work in many different settings! Of course, immediately one thinks of a foyer mirror. The entry way or foyer makes a superb spot for a handsome mirror. Equally though, this Ethan Allen mirror could highlight a living room or dining room. We can definitely imagine it between two tall windows. Lastly, why not consider a powder room or master bath? Certainly, the warm wood tones and beautiful curves of this mirror bring elegance to any home.

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