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Cherry Pembroke Tables – Sold Thank you!

Item: Solid Cherry Custom Made Pembroke Style End Tables. (J. Raymond Smith).

Age & Condition: Circa 1960. Very good structural condition. About a 6″ lamp stain on each one. (From fading).

Condition: 14.5″ wide (with leaves down) x 25″ deep x 26″ tall.

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Cherry Pembroke Tables

Very nice solid cherry pembroke tables by J. Raymond Smith (Franklin County Pennsylvania Furniture Maker). These lovely cherry Pembroke tables have a very nice look and are very narrow when the wings are dropped on either side. Of course, this makes them perfect end tables for a tight spot on either side of a sofa. Alternatively they could be placed in a bedroom as nightstands.

Raymond Smith Stands

These Raymond Smith stands are very well made. They have a good weight and finish. However, these cherry Pembroke tables do have a dark lamp mark on either table. Of course, this is because of fading to the finish. Despite this flaw, they no doubt will be very useful in their next life. Especially for the great price!

These cherry Pembroke tables are priced PER end Table. If you would like the pair, please select “2” in the quantity box.

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