Antique Oak Sideboard, Carved Buffet


Item: Antique Oak Buffet with Mirror Back.

Age & Condition: Circa 1880. Refinished and restored. Good condition with some signs of age to the mirror.

Dimensions: 45″ wide x 21.5″ deep x 76″ tall.

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Antique Oak Sideboard

Beautiful antique oak sideboard with lovely carved detail. This nice buffet has a mirror back and tons of storage.

Of course, the antique oak sideboard features beautiful carving on the drawers, cabinet doors and mirror top. Also, the buffet has a really lovely oak grain pattern throughout. Finally, the antique buffet has ornate brass hardware.

Carved Buffet

We refinished this carved buffet in order to restore the finish and luster. Also, we added new wooden reinforcements to the back.

Of course, the antique buffet has a few signs of age. For instance, you will still see some ageing to the mirror glass. Also, you may find light stains inside the drawers. Otherwise, it is in good shape.

No doubt, this will become a statement piece in any rom!