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Antique Mantel Clock – French Style

Item: Antique Seth Thomas Mantel Clock.

Age & Condition: Circa 1890. Cleaned and Serviced. Runs and Keeps time.

Size: 10″ wide x 5″ deep x 16″ tall.

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Mantel Clock : Antique

Mantel clock in the French style, complete with gold filigree and inlay. This burl walnut antique mantel clock has a French style 18th century “Boulle” shape but actually dates to the late 1800’s.

Seth Thomas Clock

Seth Thomas Clock Company produced this clock. Indeed, Seth Thomas was a very popular clock maker in the late 1800’s. Seth Thomas is most well known for their prolific range of mantel clocks and case clocks.

Seth Thomas Clock company utilized modern technology to mass produce clocks. Thus, his company offered clocks to those who previously could never afford one. He capitalized on the sought-after Rococo styles that were en vogue in the late Victorian era. For example, this mantel clock fell under his line of French style clocks. Certainly, stylish Victorian women clamored for this stylish type of clock!

The decorative elements of this antique mantel clock make it very attractive. The maker used burl walnut woods to form the shaped case. In addition, applied brass mounts on the feet support the clock. Furthermore, a section of inlaid deep dark woods in a arabesque design centers the clock. Finally, it has a beautiful porcelain face and brass bezel.

This mantel clock is an 8 day clock. We took care to bring this clock to an excellent local clock shop. Firstly, our clock repairman starts by checking each and every part for any damage or missing parts. Then, he cleans and winds the clock to check for accuracy. If it doesn’t keep good time, adjustments are made to the springs, the movement, bushings or the gears. Several days and lots of tests later, the clock is hopefully ready to go. We hope to make our clocks ready for our clients to enjoy! Of course, one has to be careful to not over-wind the clock. However, regular winding keeps this clock ticking and keeping time very well. It will look beautiful on any mantel.

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