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Antique Hall Bench, Oak Furniture

Item: Antique Victorian Hall Bench with Lift Seat.

Age & Condition: Circa 1890. Likely refinished and restored at some point. Bench bottom likely replaced.

Dimensions: 39″ wide x 17″ deep x 48″ tall. Seat Height 19″ tall antique bench.

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Antique Hall Bench

Beautiful antique hall bench with lift seat. This lovely antique bench has a great look and offers great storage for a hallway or entryway.

The bench features a nice lift seat. Also, it has a nicely molded back with applied carvings. Finally, it has applied carving by the feet.

These decorative aspects speak of the late Victorian love of ornament.

Certainly, this bench was restored at a later date. It shows very clean condition. Also, we believe the bottom and of the storage bench may have been replaced.

Oak Furniture

Solid oak furniture offers a hardwood product that can stand the test of time. Additionally, it has a beautiful grain pattern and lovely light yellow color.

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