Oushak Rugs

Authentic Oushak Rugs – Handwoven Perfection

Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, Authentic Oushak Rugs are the epitome of Handwoven Perfection. Hailing from the historic region of Western Turkey, these unique Turkish Oushak carpets have captivated designers and homeowners alike since the glory days of the Ottoman Empire. Today’s interpretations of these age-old designs, for instance, the Soft Melody Oushak Rug handcrafted in the artistic city of Agra, India, continue to uphold this venerable tradition.

Produced from the finest New Zealand wool blends, these rugs offer an added layer of luxury with their luminous finishes. The painstakingly detailed hand-spinning and dyeing techniques that go into the creation of each rug give rise to unique color variations. Hence, each Traditional Oushak carpet that one brings home is truly one-of-its-kind. The 6×6 quality taken in tandem with the asymmetrical Persian-type knots lends a robust texture to these carpets and enhances their tactile appeal. In all, Oushak rugs harmoniously blend tradition with innovation, weaving together intricately designed masterpieces for modern homes.

Key Takeaways

  • Authentic Oushak rugs are handwoven pieces of art with a rich heritage from Western Turkey.
  • The Soft Melody Oushak Rug from Agra, India is a contemporary interpretation of these traditional designs.
  • Using premium New Zealand wool blends, these rugs boast luminous finishes and unique color variations.
  • Oushak rugs are characterized by their distinctive 6×6 knot quality and asymmetrical Persian-type knots.
  • These rugs perfectly marry traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, offering beautiful, intricately designed carpets for contemporary homes.

The Rich Heritage of Oushak Rugs

Intricately handwoven, Oushak rugs transport us back to the opulent courts of the Ottoman Empire, offering a glimpse into a rich cultural heritage that has been preserved over the centuries.

Unveiling a tale steeped in history, these rugs find their origins in the historic town of Ushak nestled in Western Turkey. These artistic expressions first took shape in the humble hands of nomadic weavers, who initially crafted these rugs for practical, everyday use.

As time progressed, the allure of Oushak rugs expanded beyond utility. The rest of the world began to appreciate their artistic charm and craftsmanship, causing them to grow well beyond their modest beginnings and into the realm of global appeal.

Today, Oushak rugs are cherished worldwide, showcasing a sense of history and artistry in modern décor. Once practical floor surfaces, antique and vintage Oushak rugs have evolved into sought-after collector’s items. They now serve as a bridge connecting the past and present, where historical designs meld seamlessly with contemporary settings.

“Oushak rugs, with their unique patterns and mellowed hues, are more than just elements of décor; they are storytellers, each knot narrating a story of centuries-old traditions, preserving the legacy of an art form.”

Their muted tones and distinctive designs elevate modern spaces, painting a picture of elegance and sophistication steeped in history. Their appeal transcends boundaries, with antique Oushak rugs finding a special place among collectors and décor enthusiasts alike.

Symbolic of their longevity and evergreen appeal, vintage Oushak rugs continue to enrich homes around the world, bringing to life the story of a rich heritage with each intricate pattern.

Exploring the Origins of Oushak Rugs

When one discusses Oushak area rugs, it is impossible not to touch on their intriguing origins. These rugs are not merely decorative items. They bear witness to a rich, historical narrative that spans centuries, and bring the artistic legacy of Western Turkey to homes worldwide. Let’s delve into their beginnings and appreciate the skilled craftsmanship that establishes Turkish Oushak carpets as a class of their own.

The Birthplace of Oushak Rugs: Historical Ushak

The historical town of Ushak in western central Anatolia is the place where the journey of Oushak rugs began. Its reputation for producing stunning handwoven rugs reached its zenith between the 15th and 17th centuries. The carpets crafted during this era are especially prized for their exquisite designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

Artisanal Legacy: Weavers of Western Turkey

The artisans from Western Turkey have contributed significantly to this rich tapestry of rug making. Through inherited weaving techniques, passed down from generation to generation, these skilled craftspeople have persisted in producing traditional Oushak carpets. Despite encountering a production lull in the 18th and early 19th centuries, the manufacture of Oushak rugs experienced a rejuvenation towards the late 1900s. This resurgence has ensured the continued global importance of these delightful rugs in contemporary decor.

Understanding the Oushak Rug Weaving Process

The process of crafting handwoven Oushak rugs is a testament to the deep-rooted weaving traditions and meticulous craftsmanship that contribute to the quality and durability of these stunning pieces. A key component in this process is the Persian-inspired Ghiordes knot technique and the intricate steps of transforming raw wool into fine yarn. This journey from harvesting to spinning embodies the legacy of traditional Oushak carpets.

The Intricacies of the Ghiordes Knot

The Ghiordes knot, a prevalent technique in Persian rug weaving, was adopted by Turkish weavers and remains an integral part of the Oushak rug creation. This knotting method, characterized by open-to-right knots, adds to the plush feel of the rug and ensures its long-lasting durability.

From Wool Harvesting to Yarn Spinning

The weaving journey commences with the harvesting of wool and cotton by the weavers. The materials are then subjected to a hand-spinning process, transforming the raw fibers into fine, usable yarn. This yarn is colored using natural dyeing methods that employ locally-sourced plants and vegetables. It is the amalgamation of these painstaking processes, passed down through generations, that blesses each Oushak rug with its unique character and exceptional craftsmanship.

Process Description
Harvesting Raw wool and cotton are gathered by the weavers. This is the first step in creating an Oushak rug.
Spinning The harvested materials are then spun into yarn by hand, maintaining the tactile quality of the wool.
Dyeing The spun yarn is dyed using natural colorants derived from plants and vegetables to achieve the desired color spectrum.
Weaving The dyed yarn is woven using the Ghiordes knot technique, contributing to the rug’s texture and durability.

In conclusion, the intricate process of creating handwoven Oushak rugs not only underscores centuries of tradition but also encapsulates an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. This depth of artisanal knowledge continues to elevate Oushak rugs as sought-after items in modern homes today.

The Unique Aesthetics of Oushak Rugs

Oushak rugs, especially vintage Oushak rugs and traditional Oushak carpets, are valued for their distinctive aesthetics. These rugs have a captivating charm and an alluring aura that enables them to seamlessly fit into various decor styles, from the antique to the contemporary.

Distinctive Design Patterns and Motifs

One key element that sets Turkish Oushak carpets apart from other rugs is their unique design patterns. The layouts typically feature intricate floral motifs and geometric patterns that imbue the rugs with character. These motifs, skillfully set against a pale ivory backdrop, result in a stunning vintage aesthetic that can blend harmoniously with modern Western decor.

The Allure of Traditional Color Palettes

Beyond their designs, Oushak rugs are revered for their traditional color palettes. These rugs are known for their soft, almost water-like hues that add to their antique charm while complementing contemporary decor trends. Turkish Oushak carpets are reminiscent of earth tones such as terracotta, ivory, and varying shades of blue, crafted from naturally dyed wool that retains its vibrancy over time.

Thus, whether you seek to add an antique charm to your modern decor or desire a harmonious blend of old-world craft with contemporary appeal, Oushak rugs provide an unmatched aesthetic value.

Materials Making Up the Magnificence of Oushak Rugs

Traditionally, the heart and soul of Oushak rugs are their materials. The elegance and longevity of Oushak runners and antique Oushak rugs linger in the sumptuous selection and expert handling of the defining materials.

Wool, Silk, and Cotton: The Foundation of Luxury

The signature allure of authentic Oushak runners and area rugs predominantly finds its root in luxurious wool, silk, and cotton. These foundational elements not only ensure an unprecedented level of quality but also engage owners with a comfort that stretches beyond mere aesthetics to experience. An occasional unique flair is added through the inclusion of precious metal threads that weave in an element of splendor into these artworks. The pile of these rugs is meticulously crafted from fine wool fibres, fostering a velvety touch, while cotton provides a solid yet gentle foundation.

The Role of Natural Dyes in Oushak Rugs

Adding color to the grandeur of traditional Oushak carpets, natural dyes play a pivotal role. These dyes, sourced from the bounteous local vegetation and mineral deposits, provide the key to achieving the muted, yet rich, color schemes that Oushak rugs are famous for. The expert application of these dyes ensures that the hues not only appeal to the eye but also stand the test of time, remaining vibrant and fresh as they age gracefully with the rug.

Material Role in Oushak Rugs
Wool Provides pile, creating a velvety surface
Silk and Cotton Forms the foundation, ensuring durability
Precious Metal Threads Adds a touch of splendor and uniqueness
Natural Dyes Creates the rich, muted color schemes

Thus, the appeal of these exquisite Oushak rugs transcends their aesthetic allure, providing homeowners with a cozy yet elegant addition to their interiors.

The Evolution of Oushak Rug Designs

Over time, the elegant and unique designs of Oushak rugs have evolved magnificently, offering an alluring blend of traditional elements and modern influences that create patterns resonating with today’s decorative tastes. From the large medallions and intricate vine scrolls that once dominated the traditional Oushak carpets, we now witness the evolution towards more subtle, sophisticated floral designs, resonating with the aesthetic demands of contemporary homeowners.

Witnessing this evolution, we derive another unique aspect to their timeless appeal. It’s a testament to the seamless integration of a rich historical craftsmanship, deeply rooted in meticulous hand-spinning and artisanal dyeing techniques, with a keen eye for modern trends.

“This flexibility in design and aesthetics allows vintage Oushak rugs to complement a broad range of decors, from classic to contemporary, making them a valuable addition to any space.”

Let’s explore how the design elements of Oushak rugs have transitioned over the centuries.

Period Primary Design Elements
Ancient Times (15th to 17th century) Large medallions, intricate vine scrolls
Modern Era (20th to 21st century) More subtle floral designs, lighter color tones

This transition in design, as illustrated in the table above, underlines the adaptability of Oushak rugs to the changing aesthetic tastes throughout history. It reiterates the charm and timeless appeal of these intricate, handwoven Oushak rugs that continue to be coveted across the world for their beauty and sophistication.

Oushak Rugs: A Testament to Handwoven Perfection

Oushak rugs reflect the epitome of handwoven artistry, as they bear witness to the meticulous techniques of hand-spinning and artisanal dyeing. Contributing to the richness of the design and depths of these rugs is the handspun yarn. Each knot tied ultimately forms a durable and unmistakably unique fabric.

Handspinning and Dyeing Techniques

The hand-dyeing process, employing chromium dyes of Swiss origin, plays a key role in preserving the vibrant shades and ensures colorfastness. This, paired with the skill of hand-spinning, highlights the talent and dedication ensconced in the crafting of these exquisitely unique traditional Oushak carpets.

The Significance of Persian Influence in Weaving

Moreover, the influence of Persian weaving techniques has been significant in setting Oushak rugs apart from other handmade rugs. The intricate designs and the quality of traditional Oushak carpets proudly stand as a testament to their Persian influence, while simultaneously honoring their artisanal roots.

All these elements together combine to emphasize why Oushak rugs are esteemed as a testament to handwoven perfection.

The Making of an Authentic Oushak Rug

The creation of an authentic Oushak rug is a complex process that involves skill, patience, and an adherence to time-honored weaving practices. From selecting the highest quality materials like wool, silk, and cotton, every detail is meticulously considered to ensure the utmost quality of the final product.

“Authentic Oushak rugs represent a beautiful fusion of art, design, and skilled craftsmanship. These handwoven marvels continue to captivate with their unique blend of tradition, aesthetic appeal, and unrivaled quality.”

Each stage of the production process is instrumental in developing the rug’s signature texture, design, and durability. Notably, the traditional Ghiordes knot is employed, a testament to the profound Persian influence on Turkish rug weaving. This technique leads to an elevated tactile experience and an intricate visual appeal.

The successful production of handwoven Oushak rugs can’t be achieved without the skilled weavers in Turkey and other rug producing regions like Agra, India. These artisans have been upholding the tradition of Oushak rug making, contributing significantly to the legacy of Turkish Oushak carpets.

Materials Weaving Technique Artisans
Wool, Silk, Cotton Ghiordes Knot Weavers in Turkey and Agra, India

Bearing the painstakingly precise efforts from these skilled individuals, each handwoven Oushak rug meets the high standards expected of these historical masterpieces. Today, through these extraordinary carpets, the legacy of the fine handwoven tradition lives on.

Tradition Meets Modernity in Oushak Rug Patterns

The allure of Oushak rugs transcends time, blending splendidly with the evolving styles of various epochs. Rooted in antiquity, these exquisites specimens of textile craftsmanship have evolved to stay relevant in every era, from the old world charm of yesteryears to the chic sophistication of modern interior design, they have seamlessly adapted.

Infusing Current Interiors with Classic Elegance

The Oushak rug toes the line between tradition and modernity, turning every space into an exhibit of subtle elegance and vibrancy. In contemporary home decor, it is not uncommon to find traditional Oushak carpets harmonizing beautifully with sleek modern furniture and décor, creating a visually stimulating contrast that breathes life into any room.

Transitional Decor and Oushak Rug Harmony

In the world of transitional décor, where the old coexists with the new, the Oushak rug plays a vital role. These rugs map a graceful bridging pathway that elegantly connects different epochs of design. The transitional decor scheme lays out a balanced blend of antique and modern elements, with the Oushak rug serving as the unifying centerpiece that fosters a tranquil, balanced atmosphere.

Oushak Rugs in Contemporary Home Decor

Handwoven Oushak rugs have become an integral part of contemporary home decor, providing a beautiful amalgamation of tradition and modernity. Possessing the ability to seamlessly blend into a variety of design schemes, these rugs add a touch of sophistication to any living space, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal with their intricate craftsmanship and unique designs.

Whether adorning minimalist settings or accentuating the richness of eclectic furnishings, the versatility of Oushak rugs is truly remarkable. They bring warmth and character to contemporary homes, proving the relevance and compatibility of traditional artistry with modern aesthetics.

“Oushak area rugs, with their traditional craftsmanship and modern sensibilities, not only embellish interiors but also narrate a story of cultural heritage and artisanal prowess.”

Thanks to exceptional manual precision and attention to detail, handwoven Oushak rugs can maintain their charm and durability without compromising on style and modern appeal. They elegantly bridge the old and new, offering homeowners a versatile decor element that resonates with both past and present.

Features Values
Style Traditional meets Contemporary
Aesthetic Appeal High
Compatibility Adapts to different interior styles
Craftsmanship Handwoven Precision

In essence, Oushak area rugs greatly contribute to the harmony and balance within contemporary decor. They adapt, enhance, and shine in their allotted space, making them an undeniably valuable addition to modern homes.

Incorporating Oushak Rugs into Various Design Schemes

An incorporation of Oushak rugs into various design schemes serves as a testament to their flexibility and enduring charm. The beauty of antique Oushak rugs allows them to serve as the centerpiece in traditional settings or provide a subtle nod to history in modern environments.

Their versatility extends to a broad range of interior design styles, from minimalist to bohemian. The light hues and flowing patterns of Oushak area rugs effortlessly complement both vibrant and muted color palettes, making them an effective way to unify disparate elements within a room.

Design Style Description How Oushak Rug Incorporates
Traditional Characterized by classic furniture and established decor. Antique Oushak rugs serve as a beautiful centerpiece.
Modern Typically includes clean lines and solid colors. Oushak rugs add texture and warmth, softening the overall look.
Bohemian Known for its eclectic, free-spirited feel. Colorful or subtly-hued Oushak rugs blend well with the boho style.
Rustic Features natural materials and a comfortable, laid-back aesthetic. The earthy tones of Oushak rugs emphasize the warmth of rustic decor.

In conclusion, Oushak rugs are far more than mere floor coverings. They elevate and enrich any space they inhabit, creating visual harmony and adding historic significance. This makes them an exceptional choice when it comes to creating unified and appealing design schemes.

Unveiling the Soft Melody Oushak Rug

Part of the allure of Oushak rugs lies not only in their rich past but also in how they seamlessly merge with modern preferences and aesthetics. One such fine example of this harmonious blend is the Soft Melody Oushak Rug, a creation deeply rooted in tradition yet innovatively bridging the past with the present.

A New Vision of Tradition: The Agra Influence

Inspired by Oushak’s deep-rooted heritage, Agra, detailed in India integrates its unique rug crafting skills to present a refreshed appeal of this traditional artistry. The Soft Melody Oushak Rug manifests this cross-cultural exchange, underlining how age-old techniques adapted can enhance a carpet’s appeal to contemporary tastes.

Luxurious Wool Blend and Lustrous Finish

Like other authentic Oushak runners, the Soft Melody Oushak Rug showcases the use of a luxurious wool blend. Comprising imported New Zealand wool and high-grade local or South African wool, this blend forms a shinier, more lustrous finish, ensuring a pronounced texture and elevation of its overall elegance. This rug, unique in its single-ply yarn that forms thicker, denser knots, is a fine example of blending rich heritage with a contemporary aesthetic to cater to a diversity of interior styles.

Maintaining the Beauty of Oushak Area Rugs

When it comes to Oushak area rugs, these artistic masterpieces require certain care to maintain their beauty and longevity. If properly tended to, their elegance will continue to enhance any interior space for generations to come.

The care process for maintaining Oushak rugs involves a routine of cleaning measures and attention to detail. Here are some essential rug care aspects to consider for preserving the fine artistry of your Oushak rug:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Regularly cleaning Oushak rugs helps to prevent dirt from settling into the fabric, which can cause wear over time. Opt for gentle, yet effective cleaning methods.
  2. Avoidance of Harsh Chemicals: It’s crucial to avoid using harsh cleaning agents or chemicals on these rugs, as they could suppress their naturally dyed colors and can potentially cause damage to the fibers.
  3. Natural Wool Oils: Preserving the natural oils in the wool is key to ensuring its fibers remain soft and vibrant. Over-washing can strip these oils and dull the rug’s overall appearance.
  4. Protection from Wear and Sunlight: Oushak rugs should ideally be placed in areas that are not heavily trafficked and are shielded from direct sunlight. This will help to prevent excessive wear and color fading.

Let’s delve a little deeper into these rug care steps for Oushak area rugs:

Steps Explanation
Ensure Regular Cleaning Consistently vacuum the rug and opt for professional cleaning when necessary. This ensures that the structural integrity of the rug is preserved.
Avoid Harsh Chemicals When cleaning, always use gentle, rug-approved detergents. Harsh chemicals can damage the wool and cause the naturally dyed colors to fade.
Preserve Natural Wool Oils To maintain the softness and vibrancy of the wool, limit the rug’s exposure to excessive moisture and high heat. Both can strip the wool of its natural oils.
Protect the Rug Place your Oushak rug in an area that isn’t heavily trafficked and where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. This helps ensure longevity and vibrant color retention.

By following these crucial steps in maintaining your Oushak area rug, you’ll ensure that the timeless charm and elegance of your rug will be a treasured aspect of your home for years to come.

Personalizing Your Space with Oushak Rugs

Creating a personalized decor that reflects individual style and enhances the beauty of any room is an art. And with Oushak rugs, this art reaches a new height. Magnificently merging tradition with style, these rugs offer a unique opportunity to infuse personality and sophistication into your living space. Whether it’s about tailoring dimensions, colors, and patterns or integrating the rugs into different rooms, the options are vast and versatile.

Custom Designs for Unique Interiors

One key attribute that sets custom Oushak rugs apart is their appeal to integrate flawlessly into unique interiors. Homeowners can request customized designs to align with their personal desires and interior design needs. So, whether it’s a state-of-the-art living room, a transitional dining space, or a vintage-themed bedroom, a slight variation in the design and color of an Oushak rug can align perfectly with the theme and decor of different rooms.

Room Type Rug Style Color Theme
Contemporary Living Room Geometric Patterns Bold, Vibrant Tones
Transitional Dining Space Soft, Subtle Patterns Blush, neutral shades
Vintage-themed Bedroom Classic Motifs Rich, warm hues

Enhance Your Décor with Authentic Oushak Runners

Why limit these artistic pieces to your living room? Extend the elegance to your hallways and corridors with authentic Oushak runners. More than just floor coverings, these runners personify your statement of taste. To their richness and vibrancy, they add a dash of grandeur to your corridors, enhancing their appearance while complementing the furniture arrangements and color themes across the home. Truly, it’s about creating a personalized and cohesive aesthetic throughout.

Oushak Rugs as Investments in Handmade Artistry

Investing in Oushak area rugs is not just a home decor decision but an investment in handmade artistry. Each Turkish Oushak carpet is a product of extensive labor and skill, making it a valuable and potentially appreciable asset.

Recognizing these rugs as a form of art showcases the weaver’s dedication and the cultural significance embedded in every knot. Oushak area rugs serve not only as functional decor but also as timeless pieces that carry historical and aesthetic worth, potentially increasing in value over time.

Key Considerations Implications
Handmade Each rug is a unique product of extensive labor and skill, reflecting the dedication and expertise of the weaver.
Artistic Value The aesthetic and design appeal of Oushak rugs are appreciated as a form of art, carrying cultural and historical significance.
Potential Investment Beyond their decorative appeal, these rugs can become valuable assets, potentially appreciating over time.
Functionality Oushak rugs serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose in any home decor scenario.

In summary, embracing the rich legacy of Oushak rugs allows homeowners to own a piece of historical and cultural artistry while enhancing their living spaces and potentially making a wise financial investment.


As we draw this exploration to a close, it’s undeniable that Oushak Rugs represent the beautiful amalgamation of time-honored tradition and contemporary aesthetic. Handwoven with meticulous attention to detail, these rugs elevate the aesthetic charm of any setting in which they’re placed. Their relevance spans a wide variety of interiors, from classical elegance to modern minimalistic décor.

These Authentic Oushak Rugs continue to charm connoisseurs with their rich cultural legacy and masterful craftsmanship. Each showcased design tells a story, every knot a testimony to the artisan’s skill and dedication. These rugs are not just home-accessories, they’re splendidly woven tales of historic values and traditions.

The world of Traditional Oushak Carpets is vast and varied. Whether your taste leans towards the charismatic charm of an antique piece, or the precise allure of a custom design, it has something to offer for everyone. Investing in these rugs signifies more than just a decor update, it symbolizes the recognition and appreciation of handcrafted luxury and sophistication. Within these rugs, exists an endless array of opportunities for those undeniably attracted to handwoven excellence.


What makes authentic Oushak rugs unique?

Authentic Oushak rugs are unique because of their handwoven perfection, traditional weaving methods, and distinct design patterns. Their heritage dates back to the Ottoman Empire, indicating a rich historical and cultural significance. They are made using the highest quality materials like wool, silk, and cotton, and often feature intricate, traditional patterns, making them a sought-after item for contemporary home decor.

Where do Oushak rugs originate from?

Oushak rugs trace their origins to the town of Ushak in western central Anatolia, Turkey. They have been crafted in this region for centuries, catering to the demand for high-quality, intricate designs. The production of these handwoven Oushak rugs experienced a resurgence towards the end of the 1900s, reinstating their global decor importance.

How are Oushak rugs made?

The making of Oushak rugs involves meticulous handweaving techniques, beginning with the harvesting of wool and cotton. These materials are handspun into fine yarn, then colored through natural dyeing methods utilizing plants and vegetables. The incorporation of the Ghiordes knot, a legacy of Persian influence, contributes to the quality and durability of these rugs. It is this meticulous attention to detail and adherence to traditional crafts that ensures the uniqueness of each Oushak rug.

What distinguishes the designs of Oushak rugs?

Oushak rug designs are characterized by distinctive motifs and a unique traditional color palette. They often feature soft, water-like hues set against pale ivory backdrops. Vintage Oushak rugs and Turkish Oushak carpets typically showcase intricate floral details, adding a touch of antique charm and contemporary appeal.

Can Oushak Rugs fit into modern interiors?

Yes, Oushak rugs, with a blend of tradition and modernity, are an ideal choice for introducing classic elegance to modern interiors. Their timeless designs harmoniously blend with modern furniture and decor, providing a sophisticated link between various design epochs. Whether displayed in minimalist settings or amidst eclectic furnishings, Oushak rugs add warmth and character to any room.

How do I care for my Oushak Area Rug?

To maintain your Oushak area rugs, it’s recommended to clean them regularly using gentle methods and avoid harsh chemicals that can fade their naturally-dyed colors. Appropriate care should also involve protecting the rugs from direct sunlight and excessive wear. Such measures help to extend the life of these rugs, preserving their handwoven charm and elegance.

Why are Oushak rugs considered a good investment?

Oushak rugs, being handwoven creations of extensive labor and skill, are considered valuable and potentially appreciable assets. Recognizing these rugs as a form of art signifies an acknowledgment of the weaver’s dedication and the cultural significance infused into every knot. Besides their function as decor elements, Oushak rugs possess historical and aesthetic worth, often increasing in value over time.

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