Vintage Cherry Buffet

Morganton Cherry Buffet

The Morganton Cherry Buffet refers to a piece of furniture, likely a buffet or sideboard, produced by the Morganton Furniture Company. Morganton Furniture was a well-known American furniture manufacturer that operated primarily in the 20th century. They were known for producing high-quality wooden furniture, often featuring traditional designs and craftsmanship.

A cherry buffet from Morganton would likely be crafted from cherry wood, known for its rich, reddish-brown color and durability. Buffets are typically used in dining rooms or kitchens for storing dishes, serving food, and displaying decorative items.

Morganton Furniture Company was established in Morganton, North Carolina, and it gained a reputation for producing fine furniture pieces that were both stylish and well-made. While the company faced challenges and ultimately closed in the late 20th century, its furniture pieces remain sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for their craftsmanship and historical significance.

Morganton Cherry Buffet

Very nice Morganton Cherry Buffet. This vintage buffet from circa 1950 was made by North Carolina Company, Morganton Furniture Company.

The buffet has three drawers running down the middle and cabinets on either side. One long and deep drawer finishes the buffet. This piece has been beautifully refinished and has a great look.

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