Monitor Furniture Furniture Company

Monitor Furniture Furniture Company

Monitor Furniture is a leading furniture company that specializes in providing a wide selection of high-quality furniture for both home and office settings. With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Monitor Furniture has become a trusted name in the industry.

As a reputable furniture store, Monitor Furniture offers a diverse range of products to suit every style and budget. Whether you are furnishing your home or updating your office space, they have the perfect furniture pieces to meet your needs.

At Monitor Furniture, you can find a variety of office furniture options, including desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and bookcases. They understand the importance of creating a functional and comfortable workspace, and their furniture is designed to enhance productivity and promote a professional atmosphere.

For your home, Monitor Furniture offers a wide range of stylish and functional furniture pieces for every room. From living room sofas and tables to bedroom beds and dressers, they have everything you need to create a cozy and inviting environment.

What sets Monitor Furniture apart is their dedication to providing quality furniture at affordable prices. They source their materials from trusted suppliers and ensure that each piece is crafted with attention to detail. With Monitor Furniture, you can enjoy durable and long-lasting furniture that adds beauty and functionality to your space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Monitor Furniture is a reputable furniture company with a wide selection of home and office furniture.
  • They offer quality furniture at affordable prices.
  • Monitor Furniture is known for their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • They have a diverse range of furniture options for both home and office settings.
  • Monitor Furniture is your go-to source for stylish and functional furniture that meets your needs.

History of Monitor Furniture

Monitor Furniture Co, a reputable furniture company, has a rich history that dates back to 1919. The company was organized and built in the vibrant city of Evansville, Indiana. Situated at 950 E Virginia St, Monitor Furniture quickly gained recognition for its quality furniture offerings.

In 1928, Monitor Furniture expanded its operations by constructing a warehouse adjacent to the railroad tracks, further enhancing its manufacturing capabilities. The company’s growth was impressive, and by 1929, they boasted a massive 200,000 sq ft factory, a testament to their success.

The construction of Monitor Furniture’s factory was a joint effort led by Alfred E. Neucks Hoffman Construction Co, bringing together expertise and craftsmanship. With an investment of $200,000, the factory became a prominent landmark in Evansville.

Bendix Westinghouse, a renowned company, recognized the excellence of Monitor Furniture’s products and became one of their notable clients. This collaboration solidified Monitor Furniture’s position as a leading furniture manufacturer in the region.

“Monitor Furniture Co stood as a symbol of quality and innovation in Evansville, Indiana.”

Unfortunately, in September 1956, Monitor Furniture suspended its operations. However, the company’s legacy lived on, and in 1967, it was eventually acquired by Arkla, ensuring the continuation of its rich history.

Evansville, Indiana: The Birthplace of Monitor Furniture

Evansville, Indiana served as the birthplace of Monitor Furniture. Known for its industrial and manufacturing district, Evansville provided an ideal location for the growth and development of the company.

Year Event
1919 Monitor Furniture Co was organized and built
1928 Construction of a warehouse adjacent to the railroad tracks
1929 Expansion of Monitor Furniture’s factory to 200,000 sq ft
1956 Temporary suspension of operations
1967 Acquisition by Arkla

Location of Monitor Furniture

Monitor Furniture is strategically located in the manufacturing district of Evansville, Indiana. The company’s store is situated at 950 E Virginia St, right next to the C&EI RR. This prime location reinforces Monitor Furniture’s status as a prominent furniture manufacturer in the area.

With its physical store nestled in the heart of the manufacturing district, Monitor Furniture benefits from its proximity to other industrial businesses and resources. This advantageous position allows for efficient operations and easy access to suppliers, supporting the company’s commitment to providing high-quality furniture to its customers.

The manufacturing district of Evansville is renowned for its vibrant business environment, characterized by numerous manufacturing facilities and industrial enterprises. This concentration of industry fosters collaboration and growth, further establishing Monitor Furniture’s presence within the furniture manufacturing sector.

Location Evansville, Indiana
Address 950 E Virginia St
Latitude 37.982212
Longitude -87.548156

The coordinates of Monitor Furniture’s location are 37.982212 latitude and -87.548156 longitude. Situated in the heart of Evansville’s manufacturing district, the store serves as a hub for high-quality furniture manufacturing and distribution.

Architecture of Monitor Furniture

The architecture of Monitor Furniture showcases the industrial style that was popular during its construction period. The company’s original factory, built in 1919 in Evansville, Indiana, was a single-story building known for its innovative design and functionality. With a total area of 200,000 sq ft, the factory provided ample space for manufacturing and assembly operations.

The innovative feature of the factory was the overpass that connected different sections of the building. This design element allowed for efficient movement of materials and products, optimizing the manufacturing process within the facility. The overpass was a testament to Monitor Furniture’s commitment to streamlining operations and improving productivity.

The warehouse, constructed in 1928, still stands to this day and is a testament to the durability of Monitor Furniture’s architectural design. Situated adjacent to the railroad tracks, the warehouse served as a storage and distribution hub for the company’s furniture products. It played a crucial role in supporting Monitor Furniture’s operations and ensuring timely delivery to customers.

The architecture of Monitor Furniture’s factory and warehouse reflects the company’s commitment to functionality, efficiency, and quality. The buildings were designed with the specific needs of furniture manufacturing and storage in mind, allowing the company to operate seamlessly and meet customer demands.

Feature Description
Innovative Overpass An overpass that connected different sections of the factory, facilitating smooth material and product flow.
Warehouse A storage and distribution facility adjacent to the factory, ensuring efficient inventory management and timely delivery.
Industrial Style The architectural design aligned with the industrial aesthetic prevalent during the time of construction.

Monitor Furniture Product Selection

Monitor Furniture offers a diverse and comprehensive range of furniture options to meet the needs of both home and office environments. With their commitment to quality and affordability, customers can find the perfect pieces to furnish any space.

Office Furniture

For those in need of office furniture, Monitor Furniture has a wide selection of desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and bookcases. Whether you’re furnishing a small home office or a large corporate workspace, their office furniture options are designed to provide both functionality and style.

Home Furniture

When it comes to home furniture, Monitor Furniture has you covered. Their collection includes a variety of living room and bedroom furniture, such as sofas, tables, beds, and dressers. Whether you’re looking for contemporary pieces or timeless classics, you’ll find a range of styles and designs to suit your taste.

Monitor Furniture understands the importance of creating comfortable and inviting living spaces, and their home furniture selection reflects this commitment.

With their focus on high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Monitor Furniture ensures that each piece of furniture is built to last. From sturdy desks to plush sofas, their products are designed to withstand daily use while maintaining their elegance and comfort.

“Monitor Furniture offers an extensive selection of furniture for both home and office settings, providing customers with high-quality options that combine style and affordability.”

No matter your space or style preferences, Monitor Furniture aims to provide furniture solutions that elevate your living or working environment. Explore their extensive product range online or visit their Furniture Store in person to find the perfect pieces for your needs.

Buying Furniture from Monitor Furniture

Customers looking to purchase furniture from Monitor Furniture have the convenience of two options: in-store and online shopping.

In-Store Shopping Experience

Monitor Furniture operates a physical store where customers can visit and explore their wide range of furniture offerings. Whether you’re looking for office furniture or pieces to enhance your home decor, the knowledgeable staff at Monitor Furniture’s store is ready to assist you. Browsing the furniture in person allows you to see the craftsmanship, feel the texture, and envision how each piece will fit into your space. With expert guidance, you can make informed decisions that align with your style and preferences.

Online Store for Easy Shopping

If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, Monitor Furniture has you covered. Their user-friendly online store provides the same extensive selection of furniture as their physical store. From the comfort of your own home, you can browse through various categories, explore different styles, and find the perfect pieces to suit your needs. The intuitive interface and detailed product descriptions make it easy to visualize how each piece will complement your space. With just a few clicks, you can add items to your cart and proceed to checkout, all without leaving your home.

Whether you choose to visit the physical store or shop online, Monitor Furniture ensures a seamless buying experience, ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Customers can choose between in-store and online shopping options at Monitor Furniture.

Customer Satisfaction at Monitor Furniture

Monitor Furniture prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering a wide range of high-quality furniture that caters to the needs and preferences of their valued customers. They understand the significance of durable and comfortable furniture and consistently strive to provide products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Whether you’re looking for furniture to enhance your home or office space, Monitor Furniture ensures that their offerings are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing both style and functionality.

To achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction, Monitor Furniture goes beyond just delivering exceptional furniture. Their commitment to providing outstanding service is exemplified by their friendly and attentive customer service team, who are always ready to assist customers with any inquiries or concerns they may have. Whether you need assistance in selecting the perfect furniture piece or require support after your purchase, their knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

At Monitor Furniture, your satisfaction is their top priority. They prioritize quality, comfort, and exceptional service to ensure that every customer receives exactly what they need. By choosing Monitor Furniture, you can be confident in your purchase and rest assured that you’re investing in furniture that not only enhances your space but also brings lasting joy and comfort to your life.

Monitor Furniture Shipping and Delivery

Monitor Furniture, a renowned furniture company, provides shipping services to customers throughout the United States. Whether you’re located near their physical store or in a different state, Monitor Furniture ensures that you can receive their exceptional furniture products right at your doorstep.

When it comes to shipping, the details may vary depending on the size and weight of the furniture you purchase. To get accurate information about the shipping process, it is recommended to check the item description or reach out to the seller directly. They will assist you with any specific shipping queries you may have.

Additionally, delivery times will depend on your location. Monitor Furniture strives to ensure efficient and timely deliveries; however, please note that delivery times may vary due to factors such as distance and logistics. Rest assured, the company is committed to ensuring that your furniture arrives in the best possible condition.

Why choose Monitor Furniture for shipping and delivery?

  • Reliable nationwide shipping services
  • Attention to packaging and secure handling
  • Efficient tracking system for order updates
  • Responsive customer service to address any concerns
  • Commitment to ensuring furniture arrives intact and on time

“Monitor Furniture’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the quality of their furniture. They prioritize safe and timely shipping, ensuring that customers across the United States can enjoy their purchases without hassle.” – Interior Design Trends Magazine

Return Policy at Monitor Furniture

Monitor Furniture understands that sometimes customers may need to return their purchases. That’s why they offer a convenient return policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

30-Day Return Window: Monitor Furniture provides a 30-day return window for customers who wish to return their purchases. This allows customers to have ample time to evaluate their furniture and make an informed decision.

Responsibility for Return Shipping: Buyers are responsible for the cost of return shipping. This helps ensure that returned items arrive safely back to Monitor Furniture.

Contacting the Seller: To initiate a return, customers should contact the seller directly and follow their instructions. Monitor Furniture’s customer service team is readily available to assist customers throughout the return process.

Refer to Monitor Furniture’s Return Policy: For more detailed information about the return process, any applicable fees, or specific conditions, customers can refer to Monitor Furniture’s return policy. It provides valuable guidelines and instructions to streamline the return experience.

Monitor Furniture values its customers and strives to make the return process as smooth as possible. They are committed to resolving any concerns and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Payment Options at Monitor Furniture

Monitor Furniture understands that every customer has unique payment preferences. To accommodate these preferences, Monitor Furniture offers various payment options for a seamless purchasing experience. Whether you prefer the flexibility of financing or the convenience of credit cards, Monitor Furniture has you covered.

PayPal Credit

Monitor Furniture proudly accepts PayPal Credit as a payment option. With PayPal Credit, you can enjoy interest-free payments in full when you make a purchase of $99 or more. This payment option allows you to spread your payments over a 6-month period, making it easier to bring home the furniture you love without any extra fees. Say goodbye to interest charges and hello to effortless budgeting.

Credit Cards

Monitor Furniture also accepts major credit cards to provide you with added convenience. Whether you prefer to use a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express, you can easily complete your purchase and choose the payment method that suits you best. Monitor Furniture values your security and ensures that your payment information is handled with the utmost care.

It’s important to note that the availability of specific payment options may vary. Therefore, we recommend checking with Monitor Furniture directly for more details on available payment methods. Rest assured, the Monitor Furniture team is always ready to assist you in choosing the payment option that best matches your preferences.


“I’m so glad Monitor Furniture offers PayPal Credit. It made financing my furniture purchase a breeze, and I didn’t have to worry about any additional fees or interest charges.”

“Using my credit card at Monitor Furniture was so convenient. I love how they give me the flexibility to choose the payment method that works best for me.”

Monitor Furniture Listing on eBay

Monitor Furniture expands its reach by offering a listing on eBay, providing customers with an additional platform to explore and purchase their wide range of furniture products. eBay is a renowned online marketplace known for its diverse selection of products, and Monitor Furniture takes advantage of this platform to showcase their furniture offerings.

The eBay listing for Monitor Furniture presents customers with detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive pricing for the available furniture items. This comprehensive display allows customers to make informed decisions while browsing through the listings. Whether they are looking for office desks, chairs, filing cabinets, or home furniture like sofas, tables, beds, and dressers, customers can find a variety of options on the Monitor Furniture eBay listing.

Customers interested in purchasing Monitor Furniture products through eBay can easily access the listing page and explore different categories and specific furniture items. By clicking on each listing, customers can view extensive product details, including dimensions, materials used, and additional features. This level of transparency enables customers to evaluate the suitability of the furniture for their needs and preferences.

Furthermore, the Monitor Furniture eBay listing provides customers with pricing information, ensuring full transparency and allowing for easy comparison and budget planning. Customers can also find information on shipping options, estimated delivery times, and any applicable return policies. This information helps customers make informed decisions and ensures a seamless shopping experience.

Monitor Furniture’s presence on eBay underscores the company’s commitment to providing customers with various avenues to access their high-quality furniture. Through this partnership with eBay, Monitor Furniture expands its customer reach and continues to provide customers with exceptional furniture options tailored to their preferences and needs.

Monitor Furniture in Philadelphia

Monitor Furniture, a reputable furniture company, also has a presence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While the specific location within Philadelphia is not specified, customers in the area have the opportunity to visit a Monitor Furniture store or explore their extensive range of products online.

With Monitor Furniture’s commitment to providing high-quality and affordable furniture, customers in Philadelphia can expect to find stylish and functional pieces that meet their needs and preferences. Whether you’re furnishing your home or office, Monitor Furniture offers a diverse selection to suit various styles and budgets.

For more information about Monitor Furniture’s offerings in Philadelphia, it is recommended to contact the company directly. They can provide specific details about their Philadelphia operations, including store locations, product availability, and any additional services they may offer to customers in that area.

Experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Monitor Furniture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Monitor Furniture Financing Options

Monitor Furniture understands that not everyone can make an upfront payment for their furniture purchases. That’s why they offer flexible financing options and payment plans to accommodate the budgetary needs of their customers. With these options, customers can spread out the cost of their furniture over an extended period, making it more manageable and accessible.

By offering financing options, Monitor Furniture aims to provide flexibility and convenience to their customers. Whether you’re furnishing your home or office, you can choose a payment plan that suits your financial situation. Instead of compromising on quality or settling for less, Monitor Furniture’s financing options allow you to get the furniture you need without breaking the bank.

When considering financing or payment plans, it’s important to inquire with Monitor Furniture about the specific options available and their terms. Their knowledgeable team will guide you through the process and help you find the best solution for your needs.

Benefits of Monitor Furniture Financing Options:

  • Flexibility: With financing options, you have the flexibility to choose a payment plan that aligns with your budget.
  • Convenience: By spreading out the cost of your furniture, you can make affordable monthly payments.
  • Accessibility: Financing options make it easier for customers to get the furniture they want and need, regardless of their immediate budget.

Monitor Furniture believes that everyone should have access to quality furniture that enhances their spaces. Their financing options ensure that you can enjoy the furniture you love without compromising your financial stability.

For more information and details about Monitor Furniture’s financing options and payment plans, contact their team or visit their website.

Image: Monitor Furniture offers flexible financing options to accommodate your budgetary needs.

Monitor Furniture Additional Locations

As Monitor Furniture continues to expand its operations, it is worth noting that the company may have established additional locations beyond its Evansville and Philadelphia stores. While specific details regarding these additional locations are not available from the given sources, it is a common practice for furniture companies to open new stores in order to better serve their customers in various regions.

If you are interested in finding a Monitor Furniture store near you, it is recommended to contact the company directly or visit their website for the latest information on their additional locations. Their customer service team will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date details about their expansion plans.

Benefits of Additional Locations:

  • Greater accessibility for customers in different regions
  • Reduced travel distance for customers
  • Improved availability of products
  • Increased convenience for customers
  • Expansion of the company’s reach and market share

Monitor Furniture’s decision to open additional locations reflects their commitment to meeting the growing demands of customers and expanding their presence in the furniture market. By establishing new stores, the company aims to bring their high-quality and affordable furniture options to a wider customer base.

Monitor Furniture Quality Assurance

At Monitor Furniture, quality is our top priority. We are committed to delivering furniture products that meet our high standards and exceed customer expectations. To ensure this, we have stringent quality control measures in place at every stage of production.

One key aspect of our quality assurance process is the careful selection of materials. We source only the finest materials that are durable, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. This allows us to create furniture pieces that not only look great but also stand the test of time.

Craftsmanship is another crucial element of our quality assurance. Our skilled artisans pay meticulous attention to detail while handcrafting each piece of furniture. From precision joinery to flawless finishes, every step of the manufacturing process is carefully executed to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship.

Additionally, we conduct rigorous inspections throughout the production process to identify any potential issues or flaws. This proactive approach allows us to address any concerns promptly and maintain the exceptional quality of our furniture.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our quality assurance efforts. We believe that delivering furniture of exceptional quality not only brings joy to our customers but also helps build long-lasting relationships. We take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our satisfied customers who appreciate the durability, functionality, and beauty of our furniture.

When you choose Monitor Furniture, you can trust that you are investing in furniture that encompasses unparalleled quality. We are dedicated to creating furniture pieces that enhance your living spaces, exceed your expectations, and stand the test of time. Experience the difference of Monitor Furniture’s commitment to quality today.

Benefits of Monitor Furniture Quality Assurance: Reasons to Choose Monitor Furniture:
  • Durable and long-lasting furniture
  • Attention to detail in craftsmanship
  • Flawless finishes and precision joinery
  • Carefully sourced sustainable materials
  • Prompt identification and resolution of any issues
  • Enhances living spaces
  • Exceeds customer expectations
  • Builds long-lasting customer relationships
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Investment in exceptional quality


Monitor Furniture, a reputable furniture company with a history dating back to 1919, offers a wide selection of high-quality and affordable furniture for both home and office settings. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted source for stylish and functional furniture.

Whether customers choose to visit their physical store or shop online, they can find furniture that meets their needs and preferences. Monitor Furniture’s attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship ensure that every piece of furniture delivers on both aesthetics and functionality.

With their extensive product range, including office desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases, and a variety of home furniture such as sofas, tables, beds, and dressers, Monitor Furniture caters to diverse customer preferences. Their knowledgeable staff and attentive customer service further enhance the buying experience.

For individuals and businesses in need of high-quality furniture, Monitor Furniture is a reliable choice. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a wide range of furniture options, they continue to be a prominent player in the furniture industry.


Where is Monitor Furniture located?

Monitor Furniture is located at 950 E Virginia St, Evansville, Indiana.

When was Monitor Furniture established?

Monitor Furniture was organized and built in 1919.

What products does Monitor Furniture offer?

Monitor Furniture offers a wide range of furniture for both home and office settings, including office desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases, sofas, tables, beds, and dressers.

Can I buy furniture from Monitor Furniture online?

Yes, Monitor Furniture has an online store where you can browse and purchase furniture.

Does Monitor Furniture offer shipping services?

Yes, Monitor Furniture offers shipping services across the United States. The specific details may vary depending on the size and weight of the furniture.

What is Monitor Furniture’s return policy?

Monitor Furniture has a 30-day return policy. Customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

What payment options are available at Monitor Furniture?

Monitor Furniture accepts various payment options, including PayPal Credit and credit cards. The availability of specific options may vary.

Can I find Monitor Furniture listings on eBay?

Yes, Monitor Furniture has a listing on eBay where you can find detailed information about their products.

Does Monitor Furniture have a store in Philadelphia?

Monitor Furniture has a presence in Philadelphia, but the specific location is not provided. It is advisable to contact Monitor Furniture for more information.

Does Monitor Furniture offer financing options?

Yes, Monitor Furniture may offer financing options or payment plans. Customers should inquire with Monitor Furniture for more details.

Are there any additional Monitor Furniture locations?

While specific details about additional locations are not available, Monitor Furniture may have expanded its operations beyond Evansville and Philadelphia. Customers should contact the company for the latest information.

Does Monitor Furniture prioritize furniture quality?

Yes, Monitor Furniture prioritizes the quality of its furniture products and has quality control measures in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

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