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Who is the Kling Furniture Company? (New Important News!)

Kling Furniture Company (A Brief History)

Kling Furniture Kling Furniture company was created as a collection of furniture companies in New York State. John Alexander Kling, an immigrant from Sweden, purchased several struggling furniture companies, starting with the Chautauqua Spring Bed & Lounge Company in Mayville, New York in 1911.

He bought three other plants and eventually his enterprise operated under the name “Kling Factories.” Each plant focused on one style of bedroom furniture and within 17 years, Kling became one of the largest volume producers of furniture in the US.

The depression years of the late 1920s and 30s were tough on Kling, but John’s sons were able to manage and pull through as many other furniture companies caved. Aiming to continue to provide heavy, solid wood furniture of great quality remained in the company’s mission.

Quality Furniture Maker

The 1940s through 1960s became the peak production time for Kling and this is generally the period of greatest quality. More advertising opportunities in magazines such as “Better Homes and Garden” and “House Beautiful” helped solidify the company’s reputation as a quality furniture maker.


Kling was eventually purchased by Ethan Allen in 1962. Sometimes we see a piece which is marked “Kling Colonial” which signifies the joining of Kling with Ethan Allen. Ethan Allen dropped the name later.

We love Kling furniture here at Bohemian’s. To us, Kling furniture has extreme beauty, durability and history. Frequently we are lucky enough to find Kling Mahogany Furniture. Using genuine mahogany on all exposed parts AND all secondary woods (drawer bottoms and sides, inside cabinets), Kling bedroom furniture in mahogany is especially desirable and long lasting. Refinishing this vintage furniture brings back the beauty of distressed Kling pieces and we seem to never tire of it.

Kling furniture

The style of Kling furniture can vary. Often we see echoes of Chippendale Styles: shells, fluted columns and bracket feet are common among vintage Kling styles. Solid brass hardware can either be left with patina or shined to original glory. (The years of WWII left Kling, like every furniture company, not being able to use solid brass and instead using a faux proximity. If you find a piece with plated or aluminum hardware, you can date it to the war years.) We like to clean the hardware to get that sparkle and contrast on a vintage piece.

Indeed, the beauty of Kling and it’s prominence as a true American Furniture Company has not been forgotten. Certainly, we see Ethan Allen looking to its roots for furniture design with Kling. Often, the two brands are indistinguishable. Simple, classic design and high quality materials make Kling one of our go-to brands for vintage furniture. We hope that you too will enjoy this superb furniture maker.

Thank you for inviting us into your vintage home!
Rachel La Bohème

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48 thoughts on “Who is the Kling Furniture Company? (New Important News!)

  1. Good Morning,

    In getting ready to move, I found a dresser in the garage that I was curious about. The label on the back says
    To: M??shan Cartage Co
    2353 N Lincoln Avenue (spelled oddly)
    Chicago, Illinois
    No. 2 MHG. Chest
    From: The Kling Factories, Plant No. 4, Falconer, NY

    With a red circle with KF in the middle and writing around the edge I can’t decipher yet.

    Also a large black stamped LACQUER imprint

    Anything you can tell me about this chest? It has four large drawers, one with dividers, and a top slender drawer divided in two.

    1. Hi Karen, the name is just who the piece was sold to and where to ship the dresser. The KF stands for “Kling Furniture” the writing around the kf usually says “makers of solid cherry furniture” or all exposed parts are some type of wood. Kling was a very good manufacturer of solid wood furniture until just about 1970 when Ethan Allen bought them out. A rough condition piece of Kling at auction really only sells for between $25 to $100. In reconditioned conditioned with clean brass hardware and waxed drawer glides and again in like new condition we regularly see prices “retail” between $400 up to $800 depending on the piece. Remember selling online carries quite a large shipping price as well as commissions paid to any service that advertised the furniture. We actually have quite a bit of Kling furniture in our home as it is very heavy great quality furniture. It just doesn’t carry the resale weight of say Kittinger or Baker fine furniture. The mahogany Kling furniture looks fantastic stripped and re-stained. I hope that helps! thank you for reading. Best, Rachel

  2. Hi, I have a Kling Mahogany Chippendale Carved Highboy. Not sure of the date of manufacture. We are moving and cannot take it with us. Do you have any idea of the value and who might be interested in purchasing. We are in New Jersey.

    1. Hi there Lori! I would say a mahogany Chippendale highboy by Kling Furniture could sell for anywhere between $200 to $1000. I know that is a wide range but it really depends on condition and the look. I would suggest, a quick sale you may be able to sell it on facebook marketplace, craigslist or a similar site. Best of luck and thanks for writing!

  3. I recently purchased a Kling Solid Maple 7 drawer chest of drawers. it has a metal rectangle tag inside side of drawer also has 700 on the back with Lacquer 1/2 stamped on back of chest also a paper label says: To Forster Furniture Company 14847 Gratiot Ave Detroit Michigan
    No. 700 1/2 MPL CHEST From The Kling Factories Pland no. 3 Frewsburg, N.Y.
    On left corner on bottom of lable Red label says KLING inside one drawer there is also a green label that states “All Exposed Parts Guaranteed SOLID GENUINE HARD MAPLE
    KLING MEANS SOLID (that paart is inside a red square box)

    1. Hi Richard! Thank you for the inquiry. I believe your maple chest is from the 1940s-1950s. The label that you are describing with the “Solid Genuine Hard Maple – Kling Means Solid” tends to date to the 1940s to 1950s, as many people were very interested in getting solid wood furniture at the time. Other Genuine Cherry and Mahogany labels were also used. Later in the 1960s and 1970s, you were more likely to see different tags, especially as Ethan Allen purchased the factories and started using “Kling Colonial” labels. One last thing, check the hardware of your chest. If you take off one and try to see whether it is solid or plated brass, it can help you further see the year. During the war time, brass was recalled and not used in furniture hardware. Instead, plated brass was used. So if you try to clean the underside of your drawer pull, and it shines to a silver rather than a brass color, it no doubt was made during the war. Hope this info helps! Thanks for reading!

  4. I inherited (from my nearly 102 yr. old Godfather) a very nice Kling Solid Hard Maple #15, 6 drawer, Double Dresser; Cutt 765 with mirror. The markings on the back side show: The Kling Factories, Plant No 1, Mayville, NY. Condition is “like new”, measuring 19″ long x 52″ wide. Also, a matching night stand (in average condition) and a matching full-size headboard , footboard and metal rails. Could you please give me a ballpark value on this very nice vintage furniture, as an individual (not a dealer) just asked me if I would sell this furniture now and I have no idea of its value. I am probably wanting to sell. I am 75 yrs. young and am not any kind of “dealer”.

    1. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the comment! I would say the double dresser with mirror could sell for anywhere between $200-$400 and the nightstand maybe around $100-$150. The headboard likely will be the toughest thing to sell but you may be able to get $100 for it. Hope that helps! Best of Luck with it! 🙂

  5. I have a Kling Colonial coffee table and end table. My mother purchased them in the early 1980’s and I have never seen any like them. I would love to find another set for my family room. I cannot find a model number on them. Can anyone help me locate them.

  6. Are you still offering appraisals of Kling Solid Mahogany bedroom set from the early 1950s? I do have photos I can send. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Janice. I would be happy to take a look. Feel free to send me some photos to Thanks so much for reading. Best, Rachel

  7. My son found a high boy Kling Factorie product standing on the side of the road. It’s in good condition. It has the Kling brass plate to identify it. It had Bakelite handles. Was this made in the late 30s? The wood is dark like mahogany. Thank you very much. Ted sames,

    1. Hi Ted! How unusual! I have never seen Bakelite hardware on a Kling piece but it certainly could be an early model. Do you think the hardware is original? Great find. I hope your son enjoys it. Thanks for reading.

    2. Good day and I hope Everyone is staying safe and sane. I have a kling colonial what seems to be solid pine 5 1/2 foot bench, it’s similar to the 1970s kling style. It’s kling colonial label is from 1962 to 1990. I’ve researched online and I cannot find anything of its kind. The previous owners of this house left it behind. I would love to find out it’s value. Thank you Troy

    3. Hi Troy, I have never seen this model of bench before by Kling, but I would say it likely has a resale value of anywhere between $100-$400 in today’s market. Best of luck with it. Thank you for reading!

    4. Good day and I hope Everyone is staying safe and sane. I have a kling colonial what seems to be solid pine 5 1/2 foot bench, it’s similar to the 1970s kling style. It’s kling colonial label is from 1962 to 1990. I’ve researched online and I cannot find anything of its kind. The previous owners of this house left it behind. I would love to find out it’s value. Thank you Troy

    5. Hi Troy, I’m pretty sure the name “Kling” stopped being used in about 1972 and from about 1970-72 the label would say Kling Colonial. The company was bought out by Ethan Allen and they chose to drop the use of the name. As far as value it really depends on the condition, if perfect the bench could sell for about $150-$300, if damaged or signs of wear are present the value you could expect would be much less. We would look for one at an auction setting for about $75 or less and probably restain the bench before sale. Then minus deliver and commissions from the platform is sell on we would realize maybe $100 for our efforts. Hope that helps.

  8. I picked up a colonial dresser today tagged Kling. There is also a paper label on the bottom of the drawer stating that it is mangowood. I can’t find any information about Kling using mangowood.

    1. I hope you enjoy your great find, Kling was definitely built to last. Mango-wood is a hard wood, the softest of the hardwoods but still much tougher than say pine, fur or poplar. The grains are similar to cherry or walnut in appearance to me. It was used back in the day for furniture building quite often. Hope that gives you a bit of insight into your find. We have a few pieces of old Kling furniture in our home, it always cleans up with a good waxing to look great. The brass hardware always cleans up easily with some barkeepers friend or brasso as well(old ww2 wartime furniture did not use brass though 1941-1945). Have a great day!

  9. I just recently purchased a trestle desk by Kling (stamped in the drawer). Can you help with the time period?

    1. I should be able to give you a general idea with a few photos… Please feel free to send photos to if you would like!

  10. How do you tell the difference between mahogany, cherry or maple. I have a full size bed frame that I would like to sell.

    1. Hi Sharon, you can tell the difference through experience after seeing and touching the wood for years, but you may look at the grain pattern and compare it to charts of types of wood after a google image search. Full size beds these days are not always very desirable. Check for a makers mark so you can offer a specific type of furniture to a potential customer.
      Thank You for your comment

    2. The bed I have has Klings imprinted on the inside of the side board. I think it might be maple.

    3. Glad you found the info for yourself, if the question is if we are interested? im sorry we do not buy but thank you.

  11. Hello, I just recently purchased 6 Kling Colonial Duxbury windsor chairs (2 are captains chairs) I have been researching them and I now know they were made Jan. 8, 1974. by the stamp on the bottoms of them. My question is we can’t figure out what wood they are made out of. My husband thinks the seats are walnut (by looking underneath them) but I can’t seem to find any info that Kling (Ethen Allen) used walnut during this time period? I’m wondering if they might be cherry as that seems to be what they were using at the time. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Dear Margaret, I personally can’t recall ever seeing any walnut furniture by Kling. My best guess is that your chairs are cherry, maple or birch. Lots of windsor chairs do feature more than one type of wood species, though. So the seat may be a different wood then the rungs… If you could send me a photo, I may be able to identify them for you. My email address is Regardless, Kling furniture is one of our favorite lesser known companies and certainly, they made excellent furniture that has lasted decades! Hope you enjoy the set! Thanks for writing!

  12. Hi I have a kling trestle desk and was wondering what years they made these?
    It has the wood burned Kling colonial stamp in drawer

    1. Hi Heath,
      The Kling Colonial stamp signifies your desk was made after 1962, which is when Ethan Allen purchased Kling. It could have been made as late as 1970-1975.
      Thanks for reading!

  13. I recently purchased a twin size bed cannonball style and I believe it is very old… One of the slats for the bed it says it’s from plant number three Frewsburg NY… being delivered to Manchester New Hampshire C A Hoitt Co…I’m trying to ascertain how old it is and I’m having trouble… Do you think you could help or advise me?

    1. Hi Chris,
      I might be able to help if I had a photo of the bed. Please feel free to send me an email with a photo to and I will certainly do my best to try and date it for you.
      Thanks so much for writing!

  14. 1948 Kling Bedroom set made of Mahogany sold in Strawbridge and Clothier Vaule of it today

    1. Probably between $200-$500 a dresser, between $200-$400 on the pair of nightstands, and anywhere between $200-$500 on the bed. But all depends on where you are selling it and the condition Ronald. Please take a look at our selling furniture article for more information. Thanks!

  15. I’ve just been given a Kling Mahogany bedroom set. What can you tell me about. Purchased in the 1940s

    1. I’m not sure what I can tell you about it Coleen. If you are looking for an appraisal, I would need to see photos and know the condition. Kling made great solid wood furniture and distributed nationwide in the 1940’s-1960’s. I really like Kling’s mahogany furniture and I think they made beautiful classic styles. Thanks for writing! If you would like a more specific appraisal, please send photos and info to Thanks so much!

  16. You will love my story. Last week I came upon a small truck with a piece of furniture in it. It was driven into the dump. I followed and asked if I could have the piece of furniture. The driver took it from his truck and put onto my cargo area. He told me he had planned to use it in a reconstruction job but decided on something else. He told me the name of the manufacturer, which is Kling. (Kling – solid maple is stamped on the furniture .) It is a dry sink and in pretty good condition. Has two drawers of which one has three sections for silver. Then there are two doors on the bottom. One door has its key and the other door is missing the key. There was a shelf in the bottom area but that is also gone. I can easily replace that. I am going to have to replace the backboard, but other than that I think I can use Formby’s and end up with a pretty piece. Possibly could just polish. Perhaps that is what I should do and keep the patina. What do you think?

    1. Enjoy it! Whatever way you like the look is great! we write these blogs not always because a piece is worth tons, but more because they are a great value or overlooked, you found a piece overlooked. I would try Howards restore a finish found at home depot, thanks for sharing and enjoy.

  17. 😭😭 I just sold my Kling Colonial solid cherry for $35
    Now I want to kick myself

    1. Its what ever price you can get, if the market said $35 than thats the correct price so do not fret, be happy.

  18. 13th of June 2018
    I was VERY surprised to find out this afternoon that Kling Furniture is no longer in business; that Ethan Allen purchased the company in the mid-1960’s. For weeks I’ve been searching on the internet for a Kling dining room set (china cabinet, table with chairs, and server), and have NOT found any! ! It also puzzled me on why no company ph # would come up. Now I know; rather sad.
    Around 1974 or 1975, my husband surprised me with a BRAND NEW Kling Dining Room set:
    The China cabinet top has 4 glass doors, 3 shelves, and 3 drawers at the bottom; measures 59″Lx45″Hx13″deep. The base has 2 center drawers, 2 end drawers, and 4 doors. Measures 62″Lx32″Hx20″deep. All brass handles. The set is dark brown (Is it cherry ? ?)
    The dining room table, with the 2-18″ leaves, is 102″Lx44″Wx29″H, has custom-made padded protectors, 5 chairs, and a Captain’s chair.
    The server has 2 fold-down 11″x19″ leaves, 2 center shelves, a 36″Lx4.5″Hx15″deep top drawer, two side doors, and solid brass handles. It is 40″Lx30″Hx19″deep; with leaves extended, it is 58″ long.
    My husband was hoping to keep it in the family, for 2 or 3 generations. Guess we waited TOO long (we’ve been married 50 years). All our children are all grown, married many years ago, and have their own furniture. My husband and I need to move to a smaller home; won’t have room for this beautiful, elegant dining room set. We’ll need the money for the move and purchase of the next house. Where would you recommend we advertise selling our dining room set? And what would be a reasonable price (the set is almost like new; a few nicks or minor scratches; some repairs for the Captain’s chair). Will look forward to your reply.

    1. Dear Cece,
      Your set sounds lovely and seems to come from a very cherished home. 🙂 There are a number of ways and methods you could go about selling it. Please check out our blog on how to sell your furniture (LINK HERE: for some ideas on where to sell. A reasonable price in our area would be around 300-400 on the china cabinet, 200-300 on the server and between 400-800 on the table and chairs. That is, if it all is in like new condition. That said, prices could be higher or lower in your region. Remember, these are “retail” prices so expect to get around 20-60% of these total amounts if you go the consignment or auction route. Hope that gives you a good starting point. Best of luck with it and enjoy your new home!

  19. I just commented above. I forgot to add this is solid Maple. Thank you again.

    1. It;s great vintage furniture and i wish more people actually knew just how good and at times the supreme value dollar to dollar these pieces of furniture are. Remember many were made from old growth American timber that no longer exists in this country. Everything today is new fast growth wood if wood at all.

  20. Hello, I just purchased a Kling with 4 full size drawers and two smaller on top, making 6. There is a green and yellow sticker that states “all exposed parts guaranteed, solid genuine hard maple, Kling means solid. Cherry, maple, mahogany, Kling Factories, Mayville, NY.”. On the right side of the samel drawer is a brass looking plate that says “KLING”, Mayville, NY. I believe this to be “pre Ethan Allen purchase” since there is no mention of colonial, etc. As I assuming correctly. thank you.

    1. Yes it is pre Ethan Allen days meaning earlier than say 1970. Usually the solid maple we have seen is from the early 1950’s, very good furniture indeed. So well built many of it does not look as old as it is for sure. We have a solid maple night stand in our home as a plant stand and holds a ton of decorating magazines. Many of the metal plates in the drawer do date the furniture at times to the later 1940’s. No brass hardware or plates during ww2 because of the war effort.

  21. I just purchased a Kling Colonial Bed Room suit, Bed , Chest, Dresser & End Table & was trying to find more about it.It’s beautiful & in great condition & was wondering about it’s Value

    1. Congrats on your new bedroom suit Richard! It sounds lovely. 🙂 Kling Colonial brand came at the tail end of Kling’s history as a company, circa 1960-1970. This was right during the period that Kling was being purchased by Ethan Allen.

      Of course, the value is always in the eye of the beholder, and it depends whether the set is cherry, maple or mahogany. Please consider yourself as the owner of great vintage quality furniture! They just don’t make it that way anymore! 🙂 You only have to walk in to (INSERT BOX NAME STORE HERE) to feel and see the difference in the quality. Hope you enjoy it for many more years. Thank you for commenting.

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