Antique Mirror

Antique Mirrors are one of the most eye-catching pieces of decor you can add to your home. Of course, the shine, glitz, glamour: what is not to love about an antique mirror?!

If you are looking to add depth to your room, sophistication to your walls, or just plain romance, an antique mirror could certainly do the trick.

Types of Antique Mirrors

The idea of buying Antique Mirrors is great as long as you know what you can expect and what models are available. Another thing to consider is the Antique Mirror style you want to go for. You will notice a vast range of different styles and ideas when it comes to Antique Mirrors, so it all comes down to finding which one you like the most. Of course, an antique mirror should also fit the age or style of your home. So let’s take a brief survey of your options when it comes to antique mirrors.

Antique French Mirrors

Antique French mirrors are great because they often have unique carvings and detail. They can feature things like paneling, hand beveled designs and even columns depending on the model. These were mostly hung above the fireplace mostly as a statement piece. Of course, only the wealthiest in France could afford mirrors, which is why the Palace of Versailles is such an incredible engineering feat.

Gothic Mirrors

Gothic mirrors range from the 12th and up to the 16th century. What makes them unique is the fact that they come with a church-window style. Another thing to look for when it comes to these would be the pointed arches, ornate carving and so on. It’s a style widely used for framed oval mirrors. You will also find some neo-Gothic mirrors too, these came back during the Victorian era and really managed to stand out of the crowd.

Of course, antique Gothic mirrors can add so much drama to a Victorian Home. Many often are attached to hall trees or other antique stands.

Baroque mirrors

Baroque mirrors appeared during the 17th century and they are very ornate. They come with very intricate moldings. Sometimes they even used silver or gold gilding. They are as elaborate as the gothic ones, and they can include details such as fruits, laves, flowers and angels among many others.

Rococo mirrors

Rococo mirrors will impress you with lots of details at the top. You will have carved birds, ribbons, feathers, leaves and flowers. Most Rococo mirrors are rectangular, some of them also have decorating painting on the back or an oval shape with a flat bottom.

These feminine designs make them particularly beautiful in a bedroom or a closet.

Georgian mirrors

Georgian mirrors are restrained from the idea of adding in too much detail. What you will notice is that they have little to no cravings, the designs typically include scrolled edges, beading and side scrolls.

However, while restrained, you will notice that these Georgian mirrors have an incredible sophistication. They look lovely in historic homes. Although, typically modest in size, these types of mirror add so much depth to the room.

Neo-classical mirrors

Most Neo-classical mirrors retain the amazing architectural style from the mid-late 18th century. That means you have medallion carvings at the top and columns. They can be in a cathedral shape or a rectangular shape based on the situation. You will also notice that they have gilded frames, sometimes with gold and silver.

Of course, eagles, columns, and other Classical motifs tend to appear in antique Neo-classical mirrors. These types of mirrors work best in very elegant and formal rooms. Of course, they tend to have a hefty price tag, when they are indeed antiques.

Decorating with Antique Mirrors

Decorating with Antique Mirrors can really add so much to many rooms of your home. Of course, you may wish to place one above your fireplace, above an antique sideboard, or above an antique Empire Dresser.

Of course, you may wish to add character to your bedroom or bathroom. Or you may wish to place a beautiful antique mirror in your entryway.

It’s very important to understand the type of mirrors and styles used during those times. The reason is simple, if you want to buy your own antique mirror, you can encounter lots of fakes out there. Which is why you need to be very specific in regards to the designs that were used during those times, the features brought to the table and decorations.

Once you know all these details, it’s very easy to identify the style of antique mirror you like and which you are interested in. Each antique mirror is fascinating in its own right, and it makes a lot of sense to check these out and study their features to get a better understanding of what you can get from them. However, if you need a quick study, read How to Tell if A Mirror is Antique.

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