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What’s the Value of a Henkel Harris Mahogany Drop Leaf Table?

What is a vintage Henkel Harris solid mahogany large drop leaf table worth?

During August of 2020 Bohemians sold the Henkel Harris drop leaf table shown for about $1200. The Henkel Harris table was refinished and delivered to its new owners.

Henkel Harris Drop Leaf Table
Henkel Harris Drop Leaf Table in beautiful solid mahogany. This table has a very elegant look and gorgeous grain!

The specs on the table were:

Item: Vintage Solid Mahogany Drop Leaf Table by Henkel Harris.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980. Refinished and Restored. Some imperfections may remain.

Dimensions: 44″ wide x 72″ long (25.5″ when condensed) x 30″ tall.

Henkel Harris has a very good reputation. Of course, the Winchester, Virginia company made beautiful furniture by hand out of their workshops for decades.

Famous for their traditional styles, beautiful and well chosen fine hardwoods, and delicate details, Henkel Harris continues in operation, today.

However, most recognize that purchasing Henkel Harris Furniture straight from the factory today requires a big financial commitment. Indeed, most of their fine furniture pieces range in the upper 4 to 5 digit range.

Used Henkel Harris Furniture

Therefore, purchasing used Henkel Harris Furniture may solve this problem. High end used furniture typically sells for a fraction of the Suggested Retail Price. Savvy shoppers tend to find vintage stores and online antique stores very useful in this quest.

Of course, used Henkel Harris still tends to keeps some of its original value. Their fine reputation and beautiful styles help keep this brand top of mind.

A Henkel Harris Dining Table like this one likely would have sold for between $2800 and $4800 when it was brand new in the retail shop (values adjusted for inflation). So, our price of around $1200 certainly seems like a good bargain.

We love selling high end used furniture brands like Henkel Harris, Stickely Furniture, Councill Craftsmen, Biggs Furniture and Harden Furniture. These furniture brands make up some of the best furniture brands in the country, and sadly many of them are out of business.

However, you can still find great vintage furniture on the market today that gives your home a beautiful and high end look.

Please let us know in the comments below. What do you think of Henkel Harris furniture? Do you think it is typically overpriced or underpriced on the market today?

We would love to hear from you!

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