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Vintage French Style Commode, Inlaid Chest, Green Marble Top

Item: Vintage French Style Commode with beautiful inlaid designs and marble top.

Age & Condition: Circa 1950-1960. Some minor flaws, some minor breaks to the inlay. Please see photos.

Dimensions: 41″ wide x 20″ deep x 42″ tall.



Gorgeous and unique vintage French Style Commode with incredible inlaid design. This beautiful French commode could work in a foyer, bedroom, hallway or dining room!

Vintage French Style Commode

Of course, this striking vintage French style commode has beautiful inlaid designs on the door front, drawer, and the sides. The incredible inlay has a very elegant design, with a very elegant floral and vine design.

Additionally, the commode features brass ormolu, found on the feet and the apron of the piece.

Finally, the piece features a nice piece of green marble on top.

Inlaid Chest

Certainly, this inlaid chest has a beautiful look. However, it also quite useful and practical. It is only 20 inches wide at its deepest (it has a bowed front), so it work beautifully in an entryway or foyer.

Overall, this vintage French style commode shows well. However, it has a few little flaws here and there. Please see photos.