vintage tabriz rug
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Persian Rug 10 by 13 – Vintage Tabriz Rug

Item: Hand Knotted Antique Tabriz Persian Carpet.

Age & Condition: 60 to 80 years old. Low Pile but very strong colors.

Size: 9 ft 9″ by 13 ft.


Vintage Tabriz Rug

Vintage Tabriz carpet with a lovely pattern and color scheme. This beautiful antique Tabriz Persian Carpet has a very detailed pattern and high knot count. Very pretty colors of purple and green and a very busy geometric pattern feature on this vintage Tabriz rug. Nicely aged, this carpet has areas of low pile.

The primary colors on this rug are navy, deep red with a hint of turquoise. Oriental rugs will certainly add warmth, interest and prestige to your home.