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Vintage Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Item: Howard Miller Cherry Grandfather Clock. (Model 610-277)

Age & Condition: Circa 1980. Very good condition on the case. The clock is keeping good time and is in running condition.

Dimensions: 19.5″ wide x 11″ deep x 80″ tall.


Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Vintage Howard Miller Grandfather Clock in cherry. This beautiful grandfather clock has a glass front case that allows you to watch the pendulum and weights move. Beautiful brass face and arch and finial on top.

This Howard Miller Grandfather Clock has three different chime settings and a fourth option for silence. The three chime melodies are Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington chimes. It chimes on the hour. It also has a moon dial calendar on the face. The clock case has levelers on the bottom to help it maintain correct posture and keep good time.