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Dresden Reticulated Dessert Plate Set

Item: Dresden Hand Painted Reticulated Dessert Plates set of Ten and One Large Serving Plate.

Age & Condition: No paint loss notice. In very good condition.

Dimensions: Dessert Plates are approximately 7.5″ diameter. Large Plate is approximately 10″ in diameter.


Dreseden Reticulated Dessert Plate Set

Dresden Reticulated Dessert Plate Set with one large plate included. This incredible hand painted set of reticulated plates has incredible color and detail!

Of course, each of the ten plates feature its own design. The very romantic light touch of paint has been expertly applied to these incredible plates from Dresden, Germany. There are roses, tulips, morning glories, and other flowers.

The plates are all in very good condition. The paint is in very good shape and retains a bright color. I did not remark any chips, or utensil marks and all show very well.

Price is for the entire set.