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Antique Oak Sideboard, Art Nouveau Furniture

Item: Antique Oak Sideboard in Art Nouveau Style.

Age & Condition: Circa 1910. Refinished. Some small flaws near where the mirror back attaches to the base.

Dimensions: 46.5″ wide x 20.5″ deep x 50.5″ tall (39.5″ to serving area).


Antique Oak Sideboard

Beautiful antique oak sideboard with lovely design and nice quality. This early 1900s antique buffet has so much Art Nouveau charm!

Of course, the sideboard has a great design, with a total of three drawers, open cabinet space and mirror back. Additionally, it has carving in the center support, and around the mirror.

Finally, this antique oak sideboard has lovely Art Nouveau style hardware.

Art Nouveau Furniture

Certainly, art nouveau furniture has a look that is incredibly unique. It has a femininity and a grace in the carvings, as well as in the curves of the drawers and legs.

We refinished this lovely oak sideboard to enhance the natural beauty of the oak grain. It has a few flaws where the mirror attaches to the base, please see photos.