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Antique Games Table, Claw Foot Furniture

Item: Antique Games Table with Carved Base.

Age & Condition: Circa 1830-1850. Refinished and restored. Good Antique Furniture Condition.

Dimensions: 36″ wide x 17.5″ deep (35.5″ when opened) x 32″ tall.

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Antique Games Table

Exquisitely carved antique games table in mahogany wood. This sumptuous games table has so many beautiful details and features. This restored antique games table was sold at Bohemians in May of 2022 for about $900.

Of course, the games table functions like many antique games tables do. It has a top that rotates, and flips open. Thus, the table extends to seat two or four for a card game. While rotating, you will notice the games table has a secret compartment that is perfect for storing cards or game pieces.

However, what really makes this table special is its beautifully carved base and feet.

Claw Foot Furniture

During the late Federal period, Claw Foot furniture became very popular. The unique paws on this table show this love for bringing to life pieces of furniture with hand carved details.

Additionally, there are some lovely carved details along the apron of the table.

We refinished this table in order to bring back the luster of the mahogany wood. It is in good antique condition.

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