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Antique Cherry Washstand Cabinet

Item: Antique Cherry Cabinet with Towel Bar on the side.

Age & Condition: Circa 1890. Original finish. The interior may have been rebuilt at a later date. Also there is a split to the panel on the left side.

Dimensions: 32″ wide (36″ with the towel bar) x 18″ deep x 30.5″ tall.

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Antique Cherry Washstand Cabinet

Antique Cherry Washstand Cabinet with towel bar on the side. This late 19th Century cherry cabinet has a beautiful look, with just enough detail!

Firstly, the cabinet features a beautiful warm cherry color, perfectly aged from time. Secondly, the cabinet has a nice simple design. It features just two cabinet doors. And inside, there are just two shelves.

Of course, the simple design of the cabinet is coupled with the ornate feet. These lovely flat feet are decorated with a bit more handiwork with some scroll and hole-work designs.

We left this cabinet in original finish. However, the interior might have been rebuilt more recently. It shows a few signs of age and use.

It would be a beautiful piece with a pitcher and washbowl, but of course it could also be used as a small server in a dining room or kitchen.

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