Antique Bed Bench
Antique Bed Bench Antique Bed Bench Antique Bed Bench bedbench2 (1) bedbench3 bedbench5 bedbench4 bedbench6 bedbench7
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Antique Bed Bench

Item: Antique Bench crafted from an Antique Rope Bed.

Age & Condition: Bed dates to circa 1830. Good, refinished condition.

Dimensions: 55″ wide x 18.5″ deep x 47″ tall.


Antique Bed Bench

Antique Bed Bench made of an antique rope bed. This unique bench has such a great look for a mudroom, hallway or living room!

Of course, the bed features unique posts, in what is called a Tulip style bed. Common in the early 1800s, this style has a unique nearly flat top on the post. We crafted a seat for the bench and attached the headboard to the foot board.

Of course, we then refinished the entire piece, giving it a fresh look!