Councill Craftsman Pembroke Stand
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Councill Craftsmen Pembroke Table

Item:Vintage Councill Craftsmen Inlaid Pembroke Stand.

Age & Condition: Slight fading and a few scratches.

Dimensions: 19″ wide x 30″ deep x 27″ tall.



Councill Craftsmen Pembroke Table

Councill Craftsmen Pembroke table in mahogany. This beautiful inlaid banded end table has one drawer. Councill Craftsmen made this vintage pembroke table in circa 1990. It has lovely inlay on the legs, side of the drawer and table top. Beautiful Federal style designs figure on these areas.

The small table has a touch of fading and a few mars and scratches. The most prominent scratch can be seen on the side leaf.

However, these small blemishes do not detract from the overall beauty of this stand! It would look incredible beside a sofa, between two chairs or even in a hallway.