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Bohemians Heirloom Furniture June 16 2016 Video

Bohemians fine estate furniture store in Waynesboro Pennsylvania, offering the finest brand name vintage and antique furniture for your home. Kittinger, henkel harris, kling, ethan allen, baker, statton, drexel, stickley, henredon, hickory chair, century, berkey and gay

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Bohemians Furniture Store Video April 7 2016

A look at the main showroom furniture store floor and whats available this weekend, modern, vintage, antique.

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History of Kittinger Furniture

Kittinger Furniture (a brief history)

Kittinger is a furniture maker who excels at the artistry of furniture making. If you, like us, has ever dabbled in refinishing a piece, or painting a piece, prepare to feel really inadequate about your work. You know that moment, after you have sanded and stained and waxed and wow maybe after a week or so you stand back to admire your work, here comes the hard cold smack of truth, you are a kindergartner to these guys. Continue reading History of Kittinger Furniture