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Antique Furniture Values – The Real Value : Part I

Antique Furniture Values

As the Bohemian’s, running a successful antique and furniture online store gives us a huge outlet. Because of that much of our business revolves around crunching the numbers and determining the value of antique furniture. As antique furniture dealers, Bohemian’s constantly has to appraise the antique furniture values.

Antique Furniture Values Bohemian’s antique store has found that antique furniture has four key elements that come into play in regards to establishing antique value in the retail market. The values are determined by aesthetics, functionality, condition, and historical provenance and of-course authenticity. While each element is important, if any antique furniture item tips the scales, it can make up in part for others where the antique may be lacking. Bohemian’s has also found that antique customers value different things when it comes to antiques, and even that my husband and I differ on opinion (Gasp!). Quite frequently the Bohemian’s differ about the value of an antique and which element is most important. Let me explain…

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Online Antique Store Video – 2018

Online Antique Store

Online Antique Store Bohemian’s online antique store invites you to take a look at our new video. Furthermore, we launched our new slogan, “The Art of Living” because Bohemian’s hopes you are able to envision your life and home with extraordinary artistic antique furniture. Most of all, our online antique store, hopes that artistic antique furniture can be present in all of our lives. Art can be found in the furniture we use everyday. Fine Art is all around us.

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