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Antique Clocks – Mantel Clocks

Antique clock

In this article, we discuss an abbreviated version of the history of the antique clock, with a focus on American Mantel Clocks, such as Eli Terry Clocks and Seth Thomas Clocks.

Antique clocks make beautiful display items for the home. Our daily lives are dictated by time. mantel clocksHowever, antique clocks are relics of the past that still serve a very important purpose. Learning about the rich history of antique clocks gave me a new appreciation for time keeping and technology. In the age of cell phones, it is easy to dismiss antique clocks as superfluous and antiquated. However, my opinion of them changed when I started to delve deeper into their fascinating history.
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Antique Decor – Vintage Decorating Ideas – Kid’s Room!

Antique Decor!

Indeed, antique decor, vintage decorating ideas, will grow with your kids and enhance the beauty of your home!
Antique Decor Many people often take a short term approach when using antique decor when decorating a room for their children. Designers often forsake high-quality and good design. However, when decorating a room for your children or for your grandchildren, why not choose antique decor.

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Antique Dresser – Victorian Furniture

Antique Dresser

Antique Dresser Bohemian’s antique furniture has found a beautiful antique dresser from the Victorian era to offer for sale. Indeed, Victorian furniture in this condition and style is rare to find. Our antique store was proud to offer this step down marble top antique dresser for sale at such a value. In fact, the antique dresser has sold and is no longer available for sale.

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