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Vintage Coffee Table, Statton Tea Table

Item: Vintage Statton Coffee Table or Tea Table.

Age & Condition: Made in Statton Workshops circa 2000. Finished in house. Very good vintage condition.

Dimensions: 36″ wide x 21″ deep x 18.5″ tall.

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Vintage Coffee Table

Beautiful vintage coffee table in solid cherry. This nice vintage coffee table has an elegant design and pretty details.

Of course, the Statton Tea Table has two pull out extensions on either side. Additionally, it has elegant Queen Anne legs. Finally, it has a beautifully carved lip around the top, characteristic of Statton’s Trutype collection.

Statton Tea Table

This lovely Statton Tea Table was built by the Statton Workshops in Hagerstown, Maryland. However, we purchased it as an unfinished piece. Then, we finished it, aiming to approximate the Statton “Old Towne” finish with a dark cherry stain.

The vintage coffee table shows good vintage condition.

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