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Bohemian’s selection of available Oriental, Persian handmade, hand knotted, vintage, antique rugs and carpets.
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Antique Potthast Dining Room Set

Potthast Table This is a beautiful inlaid mahogany dining room set, complete with table, two leaves, six chairs, sideboard, server and china cabinet made by the famous fine furniture Company, Potthast Brothers in circa 1925.

Potthast Dining Table Few advertisers live up to their promises but Potthast Brothers of Baltimore Maryland created a prophetic slogan that has been kept. This late 1800’s fine reproduction furniture company founded by four brothers of German descent put quality and craftsmanship first, and their catch phrase, “The True Antiques of Tomorrow” has been fulfilled, as works by Potthast are now highly collectible, with many reaching the age of true antiques.

Potthast China Cabinet Here we see a characteristic attention to period detail and great quality, unrivaled in this circa 1925 dining room set.

Mahogany Fine genuine mahogany was carefully selected and kiln dried in the Baltimore workshop, located on Howard Street– now the site of the famous Antique Row, as was the selected tulip poplar and oak used in the inlay.



patera belle fleur The patera and bellefleur inlay are beautifully articulated, and the fans and line inlay in each piece are in reference to early 18th century masters. We see a great attention to genuine marquetry work, which could only be produced by hand in small workshops.

Indeed, Potthast stood out from their competitors in Chicago and Grand Rapids, who employed hundreds of workers and used mass mechanization to produce furniture for the mail-order giants of the day: Sears Roebuck and Montgomery ward. Potthast stayed as a small and custom workshop, and each piece was individually made.


Antique Potthast Dining Table Adapting design details from period pieces, the Potthast brothers nonetheless altered traditional designs to make them more adaptable for contemporary homes. This table design for instance was inspired by two end tables, placed back to back. It’s wider 46 inch design suited the size and shape of the early 1920’s dining room, and the leaf extensions made entertaining more convenient.

Hand dovetailed joints, full paneled backs and glazed glass also separates Potthast from other makers. Indeed, this type of craftsmanship takes time, materials and considerable skill to produce.

potthast inlayed sideboard Today, the work of the Potthast Brothers lives on, as many of the firm’s works are on display at the Maryland Historical Society, the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institute. After much restoration work, We are proud to display and offer this heirloom quality antique dining room set made by the Potthast Brothers. We offer the complete 10 piece dining room set for $7790.



Discover this and other fine pieces on our website or at our shop, located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

11068 Buchanan Trail East
Waynesboro, PA 17268

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Antique Oil Paintings – The Officer and His Wife, Pair of Portraits

The Officer and His Wife, Pair of Portraits
Oil on Tin. Circa 1850. Austrian
Monogrammed “TR” (Artist Unknown.)

This beautiful pair of portraits depict a uniformed Austrian officer and his bride in about 1850. They are painted on tin, an unusual choice of medium that achieves a great depth and luminescence of color. The brass buttons on the officer’s breast almost glisten, while a beautiful softness is achieved on the blush of the bride’s cheeks.

Wealth and rank of the subjects are in full display, as the silk bodice and lace of the woman’s dress signifies the elegance of Western European styles that migrated East towards the fashionable women of Vienna and Prague. Likewise, the officer sits in full military regalia and clutches his sword, showing his pride for, and duty to, the Empire.

Austria in the 19th Century was rife with war– both victories and defeat. During the first half of the 19th Century, the Austrian Empire, along with its allies, was constantly at war with the brutal French armies. In 1815, however, Austria defeated France during the Hundred Days War, led by Napolean Bonaparte on his return from exile. This stunning victory led to a period of expansion wars with surrounding countries and Austria became an unstoppable force for a period of about 50 years. It was the third most populated empire, after Russia and France, and the largest and strongest country in the German Confederation. It was ruled by the Hapsburg dynasty, and was a state run by a monarchy. Austria, however, met internal challenge in the 1860’s by Hungary. This eventually led to the dually ruled Austro-Hungarian Empire and the creation of a tension filled dual state.

This gorgeous pair of portraits capture a brief time of love, duty and honor during the reign of the great Austrian Empire. The subjects, while deeply involved in a time of war, are still protected by a life of art and leisure. These finely created portraits, afterall, were no doubt a great expense for the sitters, and are first and foremost, a celebration of their union. The mirrored poses and matching backgrounds unite the officer and his bride eternally, and we can imagine their commitment to one another is matched only by a love and pride towards their nation and their king.

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Antique French Court Cupboard $1899


This video explores one of our fine antique furniture pieces: Antique French Court Cupboard for $1899. It is available and displayed at Bohemians Waynesboro.

Bohemians offers exquisite home furnishings, antiques and decor.

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Antique Highly Carved French Hunt Cabinet $11,600

Antique French Hunt Cabinet

  • Beautiful Example of Renaissance Revival and Gothic Revival Styles, common in Northern France in the 1850’s
    • High Relief Carvings of Birds, formed out of One Solid Oak Board
    • Solid Oak Paneled sides, doors and backs
    • Fowls, Griffins, Barley Twist Columns all Hand Carved and incredibly Realistic
    • Top and bottom Freize highly decorated
    • Beveled Glass has been fitted to the original doors
    • Just Under Half Inch Tempured Glass Shelves (Adjustable heights)
    • Exquisite Example of a True European Mainland Continental Antique
    • Dimensions: 69″ wide x 27″ deep x 103″ tall

    This monumental solid oak hand carved hunt cabinet originated in Northern France in the 1850’s. While it takes our breath away with its size and beauty, the true art of the piece lies in the incredible craftsmanship Continue reading Antique Highly Carved French Hunt Cabinet $11,600

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    Bohemians Furniture Store Walk Thru Video June 22, 2016

    Bohemians fine estate furniture store in Waynesboro Pennsylvania, offering the finest brand name vintage and antique furniture for your home. Kittinger, kindel, henkel harris, kling, ethan allen, baker, statton, drexel, stickley, henredon, hickory chair, century, berkey and gay Continue reading Bohemians Furniture Store Walk Thru Video June 22, 2016

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    Bohemians June 16 2016 4:09 Video

    Bohemians fine estate furniture store in Waynesboro Pennsylvania, offering the finest brand name vintage and antique furniture for your home. Kittinger, henkel harris, kling, ethan allen, baker, statton, drexel, stickley, henredon, hickory chair, century, berkey and gay

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    Victorian Step Down Marble Top Dresser $1899

    Victorian Marble Top Dresser


    • Hand Made in the Late 1800s
    • Solid Mahogany and Walnut Construction
    • Fitted and Ogee Edged White Marble (original to the piece)
    • Tear Drop Pulls
    • Exactly 8 ft tall with castors (53″ wide x 23″ deep x 96″ tall)
    • Original finish
    • Corner Hand Made Carvings and Scroll Moldings

    This beautiful marble top dresser was made in the late 1800s and has survived over a century. It reflects the Victorian love of grandeur and high quality materials; Continue reading Victorian Step Down Marble Top Dresser $1899

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    Period William and Mary Chest on Chest $8495

      william and mary chest of drawers

    • Late 17th Century/Early 18th Century Period Chest (Between 1640-1720)
    • William and Mary Style (Early Baroque) Chest
    • Solid Oak Construction
    • Applied moldings featuring heavy geometric style
    • Turned half bobbin designs
    • Side Hung Drawers
    • Dovetailed Drawers
    • Tapered Drawer Bottoms
    • Two Piece Chest
    • Two over two drawers, over graduated three drawers
    • Bun Feet
    • Most Likely made in a Colonial Port City (Boston, Portsmouth, Philadelphia or Baltimore)
    • Most likely made for a Wealthy Colonial Merchant
    • Rare Museum Quality Piece
    • Few Surviving Examples of this era or style

    Continue reading Period William and Mary Chest on Chest $8495