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Solid Walnut Victorian Corner Cupboard $2499

Solid Walnut Victorian Corner Cupboard is available at Bohemians Antique Store. It is priced at $2499.Antique Corner Cupboard


  • Circa 1860-1880
  • Solid Walnut, two piece fitted cupboard
  • Arched Doors
  • Original Wavy Hand Blown Glass
  • Rose Colored Interior
  • Scalloped Interior Shelves with plate grooves
  • Dovetailed Drawers
  • Fleur de lis and scallop carvings on top moulding

  • This beautiful two-piece walnut corner cupboard is subdued for its time period. When most people think of Victorian furniture, ornate filigree, rococo carvings and tufted furniture spring to mind. This piece, with its elongated form and impressive statue, is overwhelmingly streamlined. Simple arched doors and strong symmetry are more reminiscent of palladian architecture than of the frilly interiors of the Victorian era.

    Victorian Corner CupboardYet this corner cabinet speaks very strongly of the Victorian taste for strong statuesque pieces in the home. This piece has for instance, a much longer top half than bottom. This has the effect of making the piece appear taller than it actually is. The strong verticality and arched windows in the piece signify Victorians penchant for Gothic Architecture, a trend that grew first in England and then in the United States. Walnut Victorian Corner Cabinet

    A nostalgia for Gothic times and Gothic architecture became popular in Europe, and in the 1840s to 1860s stone homes were built to mimic the medieval grand castles of England’s aristocratic past. In America, wooden cottages and villas became popular as lumber was more readily available and cheap. These homes were heavily decorated with wood gingerbread trim and scroll ornaments to achieve the “gothic” taste of the time.

    Inside Cupboard DoorsInside the cabinet we see another hint of the curvaceous gothic touch. Curved scalloped shelves add a touch of decoration, and rose colored paint (most likely original) adds a splash of color to this otherwise simple piece.